What movie is this scene from?

It looks like the guy went to the Jackie Chan school of action:


I don’t know if the site is SFW, unfortunately.

No idea, though they sound French.

I clicked on the home page but quickly left. Might’ve been fine, but some things looked dodgy, so may very well not be SFW.

First off: very cool clip. Nice!

Secondly, the rooftop jumping in the latter part of the clip reminded me a lot about what I’ve read on parkour, the art/sport of urban freeflow movement.

Googling parkour, I came up with the name David Belle.

That help narrow things down?

Taking things one step further with Belle’s webpage on www.imdb.com, I suspect it’s from a movie called Banlieue 13.

Great work, Askia! I think that’s it!

Kewl beans. Glad I could help. If you rent it, let us know if it’s any good.

Looks like Stick Figure Death Theatre - The Movie to me.

It played the Seattle film festival a few months ago as a midnight flick, and I’m pretty sure you’re right in your identification. I didn’t see it, but the word was that the movie was kinda dumb but cool as hell in all the right ways.

that was TOTALLY WICKED!!!

not out on DVD yet, but I’ll be lining up when it’s released!