What Movie Was this Actor/Comedian(s) Funniest Movie?

Chevy Chase - “Vacation”
Bill Murray - “Stipes”
Rodney Dangerfield - “Back To School”
Ted Night - “Caddy Shack”
John Belushi - “Animal House”
Dan Akroid - “Trading Places”
Jim Carey - “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”
Adam Sandler - “Happy Gilmore”
Eddie Murphy - “Trading Places”
Steve Martin - “The Jerk”

Well that is the list and “my” picks to the left. What is funny is that “Caddy Shack” could be the winner for Chevy,Bill, Rodney and Ted Night it was so close.

Another thing is that almost all of the funniest comedian/actors come from SNL. Boy we are going to be in touble with the current ones huh?

Well if you agree with my picks, say yes Wildest Bill you got em pegged. If not, state which movies did the actor/comedian do best in?

I mean my “picks” are to right but I guess you figured that out but I wanted to clarify for the Palm Beach posters. :smiley:

Actor - Funniest/Best

Chevy Chase - “Fletch”/“Fletch”
Bill Murray - “Ghostbusters”/“Rushmore”
Rodney Dangerfield - “Back To School”/“Back to School”
Ted Night - “Caddy Shack”/Was he in anything else?
John Belushi - “The Blues Brothers”/“The Blues Brothers”
Dan Akroyd - “Trading Places”/“Driving Miss Daisy”
Jim Carey - “The Mask”/“The Truman Show”
Adam Sandler - “Happy Gilmore”/“Happy Gilmore”
Eddie Murphy - “Trading Places”/“Trading Places”
Steve Martin - “The Jerk”/“L.A. Story”

I’ll continue with Scuppers slight modification and will add a third column (best US box office) so that we can see what was their most rewarded movie (though not necessarily because of them).
Actor - Funniest/Best/BO ($$)

Chevy Chase - “Spies Like Us”/“Fletch”/“Christmas Vacation” ($71MM)
Bill Murray - “Groundhog Day”/“Rushmore”/“Ghostbusters” ($238MM)
Rodney Dangerfield - “Caddyshack”/“Natural Born Killers”/“Back to School” ($91MM)
Ted Night - “Caddy Shack”/“Psycho” (he was in it)/“Caddyshack” ($40)
John Belushi - “The Blues Brothers”/“The Blues Brothers”/“Animal House” ($141MM)
Dan Akroyd - “The Blues Brothers”/“Grosse Pointe Blank”/“Ghostbusters” ($238MM)
Jim Carrey - “Liar Liar”/“The Truman Show”/“Batman Forever” ($184MM; may be passed by Grinch)
Adam Sandler - Abstain/“The Wedding Singer”/“Big Daddy” ($163MM)
Eddie Murphy - “Bowfinger”/“Mulan”/“Beverly Hills Cop” ($235MM)
Steve Martin - “Roxeanne”/“The Spanish Prisoner”/“Prince of Egypt” ($101MM)


Jim Carrey - Man on the Moon, Liar Liar, The Truman Show.

Adam Sandler - The Wedding Singer is about the only movie of his I can stand.

I’ll keep Scupper’s categories, and for the record I’m taking out Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Night because I’m not especially fond of the former and I only know of one performance by the latter, so it seems sort of pointless.

Chevy Chase - “Caddyshack”/“Caddyshack”
Bill Murray - “Caddyshack”/“Groundhog Day”
John Belushi - “Animal House”/“The Blues Brothers”
Dan Akroyd - “Coneheads”/“The Blues Brothers”
Jim Carey - “Ace Ventura”/“Liar Liar”
Adam Sandler - “Happy Gilmore”/“Big Daddy”
Eddie Murphy - “Trading Places”/“Trading Places”
Steve Martin - “The Jerk”/“Father of the Bride”

and a few of my personal favorites…
Chris Farley - “Tommy Boy”/“Tommy Boy”
David Spade - “Tommy Boy”/“Tommy Boy” (sorry, that’s such an awesome movie :smiley: )
Mike Meyers - “Austin Powers”/“Austin Powers” (ditto on this one)

Chevy Chase/‘Christmas Vacation’
Jim Carry/ ‘Liar, liar’
Bill Murray/‘Groundhog Day’
Steve Martin/‘L.A. Story’
Dan Akroyd/‘Coneheads’
John Belushi/‘Blues Brothers’
Tim Allen/‘Galaxy Quest’

John Cusack – “Better Off Dead”
(Although “One Crazy Summer” does have its moments.)

– Bob

Would everyone think I was being an elitist egghead if I added a few more people to the list? [OK, you all know perfectly WELL I am an elitist egghead!]

Buster Keaton—“Sherlock, Jr.”
Harold Lloyd—“Grandma’s Boy”
Marx Brothers—“Horse Feathers”
W.C. Fields—“The Old-Fashioned Way”
Mae West—“I’m No Angel”

Woody Allen - Play it Again, Sam