What Movie was this Bon Jovi Song in?

I haven’t heard the song Always in a very long time. I listened to it on the way to the airport today and I remembered it being in a movie. But, I can’t remember which movie. Then, I forgot all about it.
After leaving the airport, I went out to eat and heard the song again in the restaurant. It reminded me that I still couldn’t remember the movie.
Also, how is it that I can go 5 or more years without hearing that song and then I hear it twice in less than 2 hours?

So, does anyone know which movie it was? My fiancee wants to know why I care because the movie sucked anyway - but she still doesn’t know what movie it was either.


I don’t think “Always” was ever played in a movie but “Good guys don’t always wear white” was in ‘The Cowboy Way’.