What movie was this? -- brain transplant

Beautiful fashion model horribly injured in car crash, they manage to save her brain and put it into the body of an ordinary-looking woman, she has to go on with her life looking ordinary, her husband is no longer married to a hot babe, etc. Plays more like a straight Lifetime Channel-type drama instead of some kind of MST3K-type schlockfest. Might be 1980s, possibly late '70s. No special effects that I can recall. The name Marg Helgenberger comes to mind, but she’s too gorgeous to be the ordinary-looking actress I have in mind. Similar name? Marg, not Margaret or other variation? Help!

Who is Julia, starring Mare Winningham.

WOW! Hole in one! Mare Winningham! Wow!

This is SUCH an awesome place! :smiley:

Thank you so much!

Just about exactly the same premise is used in the series Drop Dead Diva, except the fashion model goes to heaven, then mistakenly gets sent back into the body of a chubby lawyer.


So, not The Man With Two Brains? :smiley:

I fail to see the drama - that was going to happen when she turned 40 anyway.

Not even The Thing With Two Heads