What movies HAVEN'T they remade yet (and shouldn't)?

Is there anything left? Anything that was 1) really bad to begin with and should not be brought back to life. 2) halfway decent but no point in rehashing. 3)A classic that should not be fucked with. Whatever the catagory, somebody’s going to bring it back, rather than strain themselves having a new idea…
So…what haven’t they done yet? What’s the worst idea ever? You get a prize if they do indeed make it in the next 5 years.*

*Really bad ideas for television shows that should not be made into movies but probably will be, also count. But as that’s too easy you won’t be eligible for the final drawing.

I feel reasonably confident that even the worst of the Hollywood vultures won’t ever remake Gone With The Wind. They already screwed enough with the legacy with Scarlett (and yeah I know the Mitchell estate authorised it; still not an excuse).

I doubt anyone would ever touch 2001, Blade Runner or Soylent Green. That said they remade Planet of the Apes.

I expect a remake of Logan’s Run. The story is perfect for Hollywood to screw up. It’s got a love story, bad guy vs good guy running about, and room to write in a plucky robot sidekick to sell toys. They can cut costs by CGI-ing half the movie.

When you think about it someone could take a perfectly groovy 70’d sci-fi movie and rip it apart. Quick, someone call Lucas.

The Great Escape - there’s just no way they could remake this movie and not make it suck by accidentally inserting some stupid anachronism like something with an LED on it.

Already in the works.

I would hope that Casablanca is never remade. Some films just need to be old.

Haven’t seen Barbed Wire? :wink:

I fully expect there to be Rawhide The Movie sooner or later. Clint Eastwood will direct.

Interesting in that they dramatized the poprtions of Paul Brickhill’s book that weren’t treated in the original movie. Boring, though. Prison break movies shouldn’t be boring.

Movies they shouldn’t remake:

I agree with Casablanca (A ripoff of the basic plot’s not the same as a remake) and Gone With the Wind and 2001.

**Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Forbidden Planet

The Day the Earth Stood Still

West Side Story

Fiddler on the Roof**

I still can’t believe that anyone would remake Psycho, a Man for All Seasons, Seven Samurai, and Rashomon.

Barbarella Of course, a remake would be so bad I would have to see it. Maybe they could get Simon LeBon to play Duran Duran. (Tee-Hee-Hee)

Actually, I’d love to see this remade. The effects were so cheesy and the acting so bad (deliberately, I assume), that it was hard to see the original satiric comic strip in the film. Jane Fonda was great (as were Milo and Law), but I’m sure we can find someone to take their places.

Donald Duck in MathMagic Land.

Gone with the Wind, of course.

Ben Hur. I’m afraid someone will yield to temptation and redo the chariot race and the galley battle.

Citizen Kane What director would want to try to improve on what all the critics think is the best directing ever?

Mad Max and/or the Road Warrior. These would be Americanized and lose any of the cultural underpinnings that made them (at the time) so unique. See beyond Thunderdome for an idea of how the franchise can be messed up then double the suckatude.

I thought that Casablanca had already been remade with David Soul as Rick. Or was this so bad that it doesn’t count?

The Yin and Yang of Mr. Go

Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

Because, honestly, why?

If they remake Say Anything, I am officially old and pissed. If they cast Lohan and Kutcher, I may apply for a gun license.

A Clockwork Orange

They’d take out the tits and make it PG-13.

Zardoz. Without Sean Connery, what would be the point?

There have been two series based on Casablanca.
And the Bard’s play has been remade quite a few times since 1612.

kingpengvin - When Mad Max was first released in the US, Mel Gibson was dubbed, because his Australian accent was too thick. Ironic, since he’s born in the US.