What Movies Scenes Did You Copy as A Kid?

The one that I remember most was when two of my buds and me(11 or 12 years old) went to McDonalds after seeing “Saturday Night Fever”. We bought about 10 or 12 of those cheap hamburgers and jumped around froggy style on the tables shoving as much hamburger in our mouths as we could and started barking at each other and the other customers. THE LOOKS WE GOT WERE PRICELESS!!! :smiley:

We were laughing so hard when the manager and the assistant manager were dragging us out by our collars that we almost passed out. We were told never to come back and of course we said “oh please no…no more McYawnalds? We’ll be crushed no please anything but that.”

The other thing was of course was after “Rocky” had to drink the raw egg shake and go running I did that 3 days. YUCK!!!

Well what about y’all?

What a lovely young child you must’ve been.:wink:
Personally, we used to act out all of Jungle Book when younger.

here’s where we delve deep into my sick and corrupted mind.

When I was about ten or eleven, I watched an episode of “The Equalizer” which guest starred Adam Ant as a white slave dealer. He would kidnap young girls off the street and gag and tie them up to beds while going out to find “buyers” for them.

So, for about two or three WEEKS after that, before I would go to bed, I would pretend that I had been kidnapped and my room was my cell, and I would tie my wrist to the bed post and gag myself with the belt from my robe.

Mom never found me! I would sleep like that for hours, until I had to get up and go to the bathroom.