What nation do you consider the greatest on earth

Greatest, being subjective, means there is technically no right or wrong answer since one person’s definition of greatest is the same as someone else.

But I would say Britain is the greatest nation on earth. The reason is that the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution started there, and without them the world we live in wouldn’t be possible. The age of reason was also partially British. Great British thinkers include Darwin and Newton.

Britain stood alone against the Nazis for a few years before Russia got involved in WW2.

Plus many of the nations today who are pioneering science, technology and medicine were heavily influenced by Britain. Places like Canada, the US, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Israel & India. Roughly 1/3 of all people who live in OECD nations either are British or live in nations heavily influenced by Britain.

So I’d consider Britain the greatest nation on earth (I’m from the US). Many of the advances that made the world we live in today possible came from Britain or nations heavily influenced by Britain.

Bhutan… any place that places such a high importance on Gross National Happiness is doing something right.

Gross national surveillance anyway.

The U.S. is the greatest nation on Earth. We’ve got decent size, natural resources, the world’s finest military, and a huge defensive advantage due to geography. We built The Bomb, we lead the world in space. All of that, plus we have the SEC and the NFL.

Greatest except in Education or Healthcare anyway. Two of the things that probably matter most (unless you think military is the end all of “Great”)

US education is actually pretty good, if you don’t count all the poor kids.
I think the greatest nation is Texas. 'Cuz we’re Texas.

Uh, if you say so. I’d say a lot of qualified people disagree, unless you think 10th place or so is “relatively good.” Sure, we are better than all the 3rd world countries, but we suck in comparison to Japan, S. Korea and most of Europe. Same difference.

Primary and secondary school are nothing special here compared to other OECD nations (we are around the middle), but our tertiary education system is probably the best on earth.

After about 6 beers - urination.

Yeah, not the worst, but I do agree that our Grad schools are in the elite world-wide.

What Wesley Clark said, in spades

Well, to be fair, they had a pretty effective moat.

I’m going to say Canada. All the technological toys and most of the scenery of the US, but with a much lower population density. Better beer, too.

Oh dear, I’m a US’er. Traitor!

I checked with She Who Must Be Obeyed, and apparently the answer is (and always will be) the Welsh.

The OP is very kind, but I don’t think we deserve that epithet these days. We have many things going for us and a good standard of living still, but we’re also pretty crap in many ways, overly bureaucratic, intrusive government, terrible weather, and very crowded.

I’d say one of the Scandawegian countries probably fits the bill. The one with the lowest taxes, whichever that is.

Oh come on, the Securities and Exchange Commission isn’t that big a deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

The United States, because that’s where I was born.

America, fuck yeah!

Comin again to save the mothafuckinday yeah!

Well besides the correct answer, hmm.

Sealand. :wink:

Obviously it’s America, but if we are gonna all historical and shit, then China is the longest lasting nation on Earth going through many iterations of government but maintaining a core identity for thousands of years.


No TV until 1999. They recently made the transition from enlightened kingship to democracy. Development is very closely regulated.

eta They do have a refugee problem, however.