What national park-like place did you last visit outside your home country?

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Mine is easy since despite having spent around 30 days outside the USA I’ve only been to the Cotswolds AONB in England. It was exactly 2 1/2 years ago because someone informed me of the Pulse Nightclub shooting during my hiking :frowning:

While my sense of the AONB is that it is even less park-like than even most American National Forests, I did hike the entire Cotswold Way and so went through plenty of fairly wild country, albeit country in which I might randomly come upon a roaming herd of sheep or a couple cattle languidly blocking a narrow limestone ridge.

Growing up in Western New York, I’ve been to Niagara Falls from the New York side many times, and I’ve been to Niagara Falls, the city, in Canada, several times as well, but I don’t think I’ve even seen Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side, and anything else resembling a scenic-oriented park of national interest I’ve definitely not been to outside the USA.

It’s been awhile since I traveled internationally, so I’ll say Royal National Park outside of Sydney back in 2004. Unfortunately I only had a couple of hours to spend there, but what I saw was really cool.

I’ve never left North America.

The only “national park-like place” I can think of is YS Falls in Jamaica.

A week skiing near Banff had us in three Canadian National Parks in Feb. Before that was a week hiking in the Italian Dolomites, and before that was a triathlon in the western Dominican Republic.

New Forest, a few hours south of London. Our guide was a commoner, defined to us as a person who had rights as a landowner to trade in the wild ponies that live there. The day we spent with him was what I always dreamed England would be, having read all my James Herriot books to tatters. I took a lot of very dull videos, just in an attempt to get his voice on tape. And we met some of those ponies, which were very friendly. Oh! and I met my first pig, also very friendly. It was a beautiful place.

Siete Tazas in Chile about a month ago.

I never go anywhere.

Lake Tahoe, I suppose. It’s not a national park, but it’s pretty damned splendiferous!

For me, Plitvice Lakes National Park (Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera), in Croatia, a really beautiful place. I was there two years ago, and here are some photos that I took there.

I’ve been to British Columbia a few times recently, but I don’t think I’ve been in any place that would count as a National Park-like place.

So the obvious answer is Tianmen Mountain National Park and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, relatively close to Wuhan, China. I visited last year on a work trip, and it was breathtaking. They also have a very different philosophy about National Park infrastructure (glass walkways! gondolas! a tunnel of escalators down to the base of the mountain!).

Curonian Spit National Park in Lithuania in July. Beautiful place. Kind of weirdly similar to the Outer Banks.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize. We went there earlier this year.

Snowdonia in Wales

North York Moors National Park in England. Did a combination of hiking, bus rides and train rides. Went last summer.

Canadian parks:

Thousand Islands was the most recent.

Also been to Banff and Bruce Peninsula.

Probably half of the National Parks in England 40 some odd years ago.

Sagarmāthā National Park, Nepal.

Home of Mt. Everest. Hiked to Kala Patar, 18,000+’.

Same answer as other thread, Pukaskwa National Park in Canada. We did a two night backpack trip.


Did the coast of Normandy, including all five D-Day beaches and Point Du Hoc, capped by visiting the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. Hope that counts.

Thank you / Merci, to the people of France, who care for all the sites and cemeteries, regardless of which country the soldiers would call home.

Our yearly vacation in St Martin is approaching. Every few years we visit the island’s zoo and look at the raccoon. Every third year I snub my nose at the heart attack god and hike to the top of Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island. (There are shrines at several points on the hike where people have died)