What new movie is this? Robot(?) in a hoodie?

I remember seeing a trailer in the last year about a robot or cyborg that escapes from somewhere. Unfortunately I can only remember snippets of images. The robot/cyborg is skinny, walks like a human, has two round retro goggle eyes, in an otherwise blank masked face that you sometimes get to see out of from the robot’s POV. The robot hides by wearing a hoodie. There are snippets where he’s trying to escape on the street I think. Another image, where he’s sneakily looking at someone in a hospital bed. I couldn’t really tell what the story was about, but the images were designed to stick in your mind. The face of the robot, looked similar to the faces of the robots in the upcoming movie “Construct”, in terms of eye spacing, shape, etc. But that’s where the resemblance ends. I guess that’s the robot style nowadays, retro robot goggle eyes in a gracile face.

This is really bugging me now. Anyone have any idea what I saw, or did I dream this, and it’s not a movie?

Nevermind, I found it, it’s called “The Prototype” and I just watched the trailer again. It looks interesting, but the movie has been delayed for some reason. Anyone hear anything about that?

The big upcoming robot movie is Big Hero 6. But it doesn’t sound like the movie you’re talking about. Here’s the trailer.

There’s also a more obscure Indian animated feature called Yak: The Giant King, which is a robot-themed retelling of the Ramayana. Certainly an interesting approach but it also doesn’t appear to be the movie you’re looking for. Here’s the trailer for this one.

eta: I see you found the movie you were looking for.

That trailer depicts a pair of characters who are very reminiscent of a pair from one of the Malazan books. I forget those characters’ names unfortunately. But does anyone happen to know the Ramayana characters those two robots (i.e. from the trailer) are modeled on? I’m interested in trying to find out if the Malazan characters are a reference to Indian mythology.

Looks like Short Circuit, with less Ally Sheedy and more alley shooting.

From the makers of Leonard Part 6?

That trailer is not obviously rooted in the Ramayan, at least not that I can tell (I mean, apart from the voiceover in the beginning). Nor does it seem to be particularly reminiscent of any Malazan characters. Are you referring to Mappo and Icarium? In which case, I don’t see any parallels in Indian mythology