What new shows are not in HD

By now I would have thought that the majority of shows would be in HD. I can see a few for practical reasons, The Amazing Race for one, but others I still just don’t get.

The local NBC news is not in HD. I’m in DC so by now I would have thought that they would have changed over like all the other stations. A couple of years ago they said they were going to make changes to the set and I figured that they were getting ready to migrate over.

The other big show that still surprises me is The Early Show, the morning show in CBS. Again a year or so ago they said they were making big changes to the set, still no HD.

Are there lots of other shows that one would think would be in HD or have the majority switched?

Family Guy is not yet in HD, even though Seth MacFarlane’s other two shows (and The Simpsons on the same network) are.