The Daily Show going HD?

Comedy Central has been an HD channel since earlier this year, although some of it’s programming, most notably The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, are upconverted SD. I have been wondering when (if ever) these programs would make the move to HD, and I think it’s happening during their current hiatus.

In last week’s The Bugle podcast (which all Daily Show fans should be listening to), John Oliver mentioned that he would soon be seen in HD, and speculated (tongue in cheek) that he would be out of a job shortly thereafter. I can’t find any confirmation of this on the web, aside from someone’s anecdote that he was at a taping recently, and one of the ushers said they were going HD “in a few weeks.”

I don’t know what HD will actually contribute to the show, but I anticipate many gags about the new format (assuming it is actually happening).

Anyone know anything more definitive?

They’re on a 3 week vacation now. I’m hoping they’re using that as an opportunity to upgrade the equipment to HD.

FYI, same thing with Craig Ferguson, starting tonight (in about 25 minutes)!

I can hardly wait! They’ll both be so much funnier in HD.

Ooohh! Craig has a new recording of the theme song (which he wrote and performed) and a great new opening video sequence, MUCH better than the cheesy one they had before with all the clips from his stupid sketches.