Am I the only one who gets really frustrated when "The Daily Show" goes on vacation?!

Because I was soooooooo looking forward to seeing what John and Company would do with something as rich and meaty as the Senator Larry Craig affair . . . But I tune in tonight (after a whole last week of reruns, and after last night when the Comedy Central website simply said the scheduled show was “pre-empted,” which is only reasonable and expected on Labor Day) and they’re doing the “Operation Fluffy Bunny” piece again! Not that it isn’t worth watching twice, but still!!! :mad: Ogdammit, show some journalistic responsibility!

Applies with equal force to The Colbert Report.

Interesting, potentially hilarious shit is GUARANTEED to go down when Jon & Co. are hitting the beach. :rolleyes:

Traditionally, though, nothing has happened in the last part of August; this last couple have been rather eventful.

I tuned in once last year to a new CR when TDS was in reruns, though, but they’re usually totally in sync.

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I remember once when the Daily Show came back from vacation and Jon’s first words were “We’re back. Did we miss anything?”. They’d missed Katrina, I think.

They’re filming a new show on Monday. I know because friends of mine are going to be in the audience. My friend was bragging in his LiveJournal yesterday about how funny the show is going to be considering how much crazy stuff has happened lately while they’ve been on vacation.

I’m jealous.

You’re not the only one. It about puts me 'round the bend when they’re off. I actually find myself getting angry. Duh…it’s a TV show…chill out, I tell myself. Then I find myself jealous of all the vacation Jon gets and it starts all over again.

I comfort myself by saying that it’s well deserved vacation for those guys.

No, it’s a well deserved vacation for the crew. Stewart and Colbert use the time to go around the country and make millions in speaking engagements. That may be deserved, but it’s not what most people think of as vacations.

y’know, I think you’re correct. Most of us tend to forget all the people other than the “talent” that make the magic happen.

Unless they’re building another set or buying more hideous furniture.

Yep, they’ll be back on the 10th.

Yes, it’s frustrating, especially with the 2-week breaks. And something good always seems to happen while they’re gone. I watch old episodes during the breaks. And I really wish CC would show old shows instead of the previous week or two’s episodes over and over and over.

They usually go on vacation just in time to miss big stuff. This time, it was the Craig thing and Gonzales’ resignation. Come to think of it, maybe they should take more vacations…

No, I take it back. I’m afraid if they take another week off, they’ll come back and we’ll be bombing Iran or something equally awful.

I’m firmly convinced that Gonzales timed his resignation to coincide with The Daily Show taking two weeks off. This kind of thing just seems to happen way too often to be mere coincidence.

(Edited because I couldn’t be bothered to look up the spelling of Gonzales’s name, and I spelled it with a “z”.)

Right on…I was just saying this the other day. I hope someone involved in the show reads this thread.

Of all the days for them to be away–when Gonzalez resigned!! I stayed up late to catch it and then, the disappointment. I get all my news from them so I am in some sort of limbo right now.

I was surprised when I read how much they’re paid for their shows- Stewart something like $2 million and Colbert slightly less for his (I don’t know if he owns a portion). They’d make several times that on network (or even CNN- Anderson Cooper signed a $50 million/5 year contract recently [that’s a lot of plush hangers for that closet]) but then the show would probably suck. As is they make far more on speaking engagements.

They don’t get paid anywhere near what they would get on a network, but they have a lot of creative freedom that other hosts don’t. I think that makes up for a lot with them.

I hope it’s not a hijack to say I feel this way when Keith Olbermann is not on Countdown. I actually get angry, especially 'cause there won’t be a Worst Person in the World that day.

I love Allison Stewart – she does a heck of job filling in, but she’s not Keith O.