What next for Boise States kicker?

Did Boltzmann torpedo his chances at an NFL contract by missing 2 game winning field goals inside 30 yds?

Nah. The Bengals will draft him with their first round pick.

Was he really good enough to make the NFL? That’s one of the most difficult positions for that because each team only has one and the average life span of an NFL kicker is significantly longer than the other positions.

If he’s good enough, he’d get a tryout regardless – though it is possible that, if it’s coming down to him vs. another kicker when an NFL team is deciding who to keep, that having missed two clutch kicks in a huge game may factor into the decision whether to keep him or not.

He just added his name to a great list of guy’s whose name start with B. Buckner, Bartman and now Boltzmann.

Dancing with the Stars?

Those misses will cost him when he is compared to more established kickers, but he should have enough exposure to get signed in the off season to a team looking to save wear and tear on their regular kicker in the preseason. What happens then depends on how good he can do there.

Did anyone else think that the first kick looked good? There were no good camera angles shown. But just from the angle/distance and experience in watching football constantly, I thought it was a good kick (barely of course).

Yeah, I sure did. I couldn’t understand why the crowd was screaming. I thought, “Where have all those Boise fans been all night?”

I have it on good authority that standing directly under the goalposts really does make it very easy to tell if a kick is good. I though they both looked clearly wide. ESPN later showed both kicks with the posts digitally extended and that made it easier to see from the camera’s angle.
The kid was going to be an undrafted free agent anyway.

He knew what he was doing. He didn’t want a team whose toughest competition each year is Hawaii or Nevada preventing a more deserving team to play for the Championship; so he purposefully missed those kicks.

His name is Brotzman, btw.

All I know is what I read in this article: Rivals.com

So it seems that he is actually a decent kicker.