What, no 2.04 Prison Break thread?

I’m liking the second season a lot this far. PB goes Fugitive might work really well. I actually fell for the dust sprinkled by the fairy of misdirection and the different locations make the show move faster.
What I don’t really like are the different sidelines with romantic vibes.

I must’ve missed the significance of older bald guy in photo and Scofield. Judging by the rapid cutting back and forth at´the end, he must be important, but who is he?

I think the older bald guy is a previous fugitive of the new head detective guy. The detective is being shown as unstable, and Michael is reminding him of this previous case.

I have to say I’m liking the new season as well, and I didn’t really expect to. So far, they’ve been able to maintain a lot of the style of Michael’s plans.

I’m getting better at spotting the red herrings. It was pretty obvious that it was going to be Abruzzi who got iced at a motel rather than Tweener (and may I say…Tweener? damn, he fine). The various twists with Michael’s wife whose name I still can’t remember were pretty predictable as well.

That said, I am loving the performances. T-Bag is magnificently creepy, Kellerman is creepily magnificent, Bellick is so nasty. Loved the car chase with Bellick’s homonculus face hanging out of the passenger side window. I will miss Abruzzi. The actor always brought such a presence to the material, regardless of how supremely silly it was.

This season has the potential to be way better than S1.

I just got caught up on it last night. I’m still in, but right now mostly for the eye candy. I could watch Sucre all night, thanks. Tweener OTOH, is incredibly annoying. I was so hoping he’d buy it.

I can understand why Abruzzi had to die. He was a cold-blooded murderer & Hollywood usually makes them pay.

T-Bag’s hand getting sewn back on is too far-fetched. But I kinda expect he won’t make it through the season either, as he’s a murderer too.

Some of the escapes are a little silly. T-Bag putting the keys in hippy boy’s backpack and the cops immediately hustling hippy boy away without asking further questions seemed a bit fake. How the heck did Sucre get out of the car without the cop noticing him crawling out a window or opening & closing a door? I wonder if C-Note’s escape next week will be silly.

Oh, and Sucre is really going to make it all the way to Nevada without wearing a helmet on that bike? Uh-huh. Helmet laws. But Sucre’s my boy, so I forgive him.

Mahone is a nice addition. Obsessed, slowly losing it. I hope at some point though, he’ll start to check out the son’s stories about conspiracies & cover-ups. Mahone doesn’t know about Scofield’s wife? Bellick was the only one smart enough to watch & follow her?

When they were putting the son into that van to transport him to Arizona, did anyone else think, “they are so gonna find out that van’s route and try to break him free again.” I hope, hope, hope the son doesn’t do time in prison. I’m sick of life in prison stories.

I inclined to thinks so too. AS I said in the OP, numerous locations make it easier to move the plot forward. The 1st season dragged at times, because the writers had to put up some really stupid obstacles to keep the suspense up, what with the confinement of the location only offering very few possibilities to come up with new twists.

Also, I was one of three people who followed Invasion, but Fichtner was great there and shows the same gravitas here, giving a good foe to pit against Scofield. I’m hoping for more screentime.

I thought Abruzzi would get it from another mobster, not liking him back in business, even from Sardinia.

The scene with T-Bag (a/k/a Choppy the one-handed child molester) and Danny was really creepy. I don’t think he will die; he’s the type of guy that always lands on his feet.

The show is more fun this season, with the guys on the loose, yet managing to keep the basic “Prison Break” idea going.

I was another of the three people who followed Invasion. I wonder who the other one is.

When I heard that William Fichtner was going to play a lawman on Prison Break, it was the best TV-related news of the season. I could watch this man reading his laundry list and be mesmerized. I loved this show already, and now there’s more to love.

That would be me.

Can somebody clairfy if Linc and Brian’s dad is still alive? I can’t remember what happened last season.

If he’s still alive, I would think he’s gotta show-up sooner or later.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was last seen slinking away unseen from the junkyard after Kellerman tried to take out Lincoln as he was being transported to see LJ. No doubt he’ll reappear this season.

Actually there were four people who stuck with Invasion all through last year…

With me as the fifth I think we’ve found the entire Invasion viewing audience.


I’m liking the show this season too. The only thing that really bugs me is how Michael’s nephew seems to have been forgotten by the two fugitives.

Me too… so that makes 4, 5 if you count simwife as well.

When will I learn to preview? … 7 and 8 checking in…

Didn’t he play the weasel in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad?

It’s only been two eps since we last saw LJ and Linc and Michael have been kinda busy…

Two things from the 9/12 episode. I’m really getting tired of the “characters on the way to a location we think we know - only to be surprised that they were going to a different location” device. It worked great the first time I saw it in “Silence of the Lambs” and the first time I saw it in “Prison Break” last season, but lately it happens every week.

Second, why the heck did Former Prison Guard 2, who walked back to town to get a new tire, bring the new tire all the way to the shack where everybody was hiding? We saw everyone walk a good distance from the car and into the woods to get to the hiding shack. After rolling the tire all the way back from town, wouldn’t he leave it at the car before going to the hiding shack? Which he must have been psychic to find, by the way, since Prison Guard 1 took them to it after PG2 left on the new tire run.

He’s a trained member of law enforcement. He looked for clues around the car and followed the clues to the shack. The man must’ve studied the teachings of Inspector Clouseau to be so good at his trade.

Note to T. Bag: We know it’s been a long time, but you really need to move slower, build their confidence, and get inside their heads. Take a clue from Tweener.

Plus, how did that one-armed man take anyone down? Jeez, just keep coming at him with right hooks!

Didn’t Choppy have the help of a brave little iron?