Prison Break?

Am I totally missing it? Is there really no thread for current Prison Break episodes? I did a search…

Anyway, this week’s episode had me clenching my butt for 30 solid minutes. EEEEEEEE!!!

Am I the only one who is hooked on this show?

I am totally hooked. Prison Break is like junk food. I’m ashamed of myself for craving it, and the more I get, the more I want.

I’d probably watch just for the eyecandy, even if I weren’t interested in the plot. Wentworth Miller could stand there and read the phone book, and I’d be happy just enjoying the view.

I really liked this episode but I missed the first minute or two so I had no idea wht Michael did to Pope and how he got back to the cell until they found him in the closet. I felt bad for Prison Hurley there’s no way he could have made it across the cable to the wall… I doubt DB Cooper could have even without the gut wound. That takes serious upper body strength.

So it looks like next season will be Michael, Lincoln and I assume the black guy going after DBs money with the big plan being how to get it out from under that silo. From what I hear a lot of cast members wont be returning next season either do to death or their character being written out.

You’re not alone. And I’ve seen Otto in these PB threads too.

Good ep last night - really riveting. Poor Sucre’s-fat-cousin. He’ll get another ten years tacked on to his sentence for sure. And poor Westmoreland. At least lawyer guy redeemed himself.

Haywire got out with the others, right? It will be interesting to see how many of them manage to escape on Andruzzi’s undersized plane. You know in addition to Michael and Linc, that T-Bag and C-Note will be around to claim their piece of Westmoreland’s millions. I’m sure Sucre will survive too. Haywire, however, may not be so lucky.

I’m dreading a big cliffhanger at the end of next week, which we’ll have to live with until the fall season starts!

I always think about starting PB threads but I generally never do, because it’s so completely absurd in concept and execution that I’m always afraid that talking about it might pop the insane bubblr of disbelief that keeps the show afloat for me.

Which won’t stop me from jabbering away here or in future threads…

Of course there’s going to be a big cliffhanger. There’s always a big cliffhanger. I just hope that if/when the show is picked up we don’t have another one of these damn three-month hiatuses in the middle of it.

Excellent show.

However there is one thing that somewhat ruins it for me. The fact that Mike’s brother was just about to kill commit the murder. What difference does it make morally if he didn’t actually do it? Not much to me. So Michael is using all his energy on rescuing a guilty person. Still impressive, but not admirable.

I have to pretend that this is not what happened. Like I have to pretend that the rules to quidditsch are different.

I think wanting and almost carrying it out and ACTUALLY murdering someone is very different… but I think that’s for Great Debates not Cafe Society.

Well, the only thing that kept him from carrying it out, IIRC, was that the guy was already dead. Declining to kill the already dead guy doesn’t exactly win him any merit badges.

It doesn’t bother me, though, simply because I don’t think Michael is breaking him out because he’s innocent. He’s breaking him out because he’s his brother.

And that, my friend, is where they lost my loyal viewership. It’s one thing to hook us and then torture us with reruns twice a month, but just up and taking three months off? How rude!

Well, that and I started a Monday night class, but even so, I’d be all huffily not watching it out of protest even if I was home. Hmph!

How, exactly, was he supposed to have set off the fire alarm in the psych ward? I saw him blow a handfull of dust at a number pad then punch in some numbers, but WTF was that? What was the purpose of the dust? Where did he get the numbers? How does that make the fire alarm start up?

push you down:
It’s different, sure. But even with the possibility that he would have changed his mind, he is still morally guilty, although not to the same degree. Do you not agree?

But doesn’t it bother you that the “hero” is an immoral nepotistic character?

The mid-season hiatus seems to be pretty standard for lots of popular shows. Let’s the networks get their most popular shows into at least two sweeps periods.

I assume the powder would cling to the buttons with the most oil or dirt on them-- deposited by people pushing the buttons correctly. He had to try a bunch of different combinations to get it right.

Not that I watch this show or anything… :slight_smile:

No I don’t.

Supposedly the hiatus was planned all along, FOX having no idea that PB would be a breakout (heh) hit.

And presumably Michael’s knowledge of the prison construction would include the knowledge that he could test trigger the alarm by punching in the combination.

Although why he yet again, in the middle of the escape this time, refused to respond to a fellow escapee asking “where are you going” is a bigger mystery than even I can solve…

Well Michael is a pretty anti-social and weird as it is… I’m pretty sure if you asked him to tell you the sky was blue he’d refuse you.

I found it kinda unnerving that the whole thing hinged on the good doctor leaving the door unlocked, which she only reluctantly came back and did at the last minute. He had no idea if she would do it or not, and it seems like his last impression from her would have been that it was unlikely.

I’ve been hopelessly addicted all season. One thing bothers me though. They have this trick that they use EVERY episode, and they did it at least twice last night. In one instance, the black escapee had it in with some Threatening Black Guy, so TBG comes to Scofield’s cell to confront him, which would obviously throw a wrench in the entire plan. TBG enters the cell, and we are led to believe Escaping Black Guy is still sitting in there, but they finally reveal that EBG managed to hide behind the toilet. Later, Michael is struggling to scale the wall while the guards run toward him and Fat Hispanic Guy. We are led to believe they’ve caught Michael, but the camera reveals that Michael hopped the wall and that the guards only saw FHG.

They definitely used this trick several times in the room that the cons were working in with the hole in the floor. It’s getting a little predictable.

Not even a little bit. I wouldn’t hang out with him in real life, but it’s a television show about criminals breaking out of prison. Are there *any * “good guys” among the escapees? Only relatively. Michael, Sucre, C-Note and Westmoreland sure look like princes when you stand them next to Abbruzzi and T-bag, but unless I missed something, they’re all guilty of the crimes they’ve been incarcerated for.

It struck me that if the only thing between the escapees and the infirmary was a doorknob lock(!) they could have left Sara out of it and brought a freakin’ screwdriver. A doorknob lock!!! These are *criminals * ferchrissake! They couldn’t have just brought along someone who’s in for B&E?

This reminded me of my biggest feat in disbelief-suspending with this episode: accepting that Sara got from the downtown Chicago lakefront to the Fox River prison (which is well outside the city) in less time than it took Team Escapara to get from the Whack Shack to her office. I just told myself she must have learned to drive from Jack Bauer.