No love for Prison Break (11/27)? [Open Spoilers Inside]

Last night was the “season finale” although the show starts up again in January.

Much happened in this episode,

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Michael and Lincoln are in custody… wait, they are out again… I loved their nontraditional chase behavior in which they did not simply run up and out, but stopped and thought, only to be caught and then saved - didn’t see that one coming.

T-Bone the one-armed wonder gets some nookie and then gets his revenge… interesting anti-homosexuals in the military banter in the bar and stereotyping over his dyed hair… you know he isn’t going to die for a long time…

Fernando makes it to Mexico, or is he still in America?

Bellick back in Illinois at Fox River with his new cell-mate… great parting shot with the “oh shit” look on his face…

Haywire is still peddling around the mid-west?

Dr. Sara Hottie is pining to play with Michael’s hidden tattoos, so we are sure to see more of her…

Perhaps the dumbest show on air, but one of my guilty pleasures…

Thanks for starting the thread!

Kellerman is truly a magnificent, self-interested, two-timing bastard–but at least he’s on our side now (for the time being, anyway)! This should be fun to see how that trio’s rapport develops.

Sucre is indeed in Mexico, but it looks like we’ll need to wait until Jan. to get more updates on Haywire and C-Note.

There’s no way Bellick would’ve been thrown into GenPop, especially at his own haunts; doing so doesn’t make him an “example”, it makes him a homicide-waiting-to-happen (though it should be fun, for the show’s sake) how he develops his survival skills.

Is Mahone dead? I’ve gotta think so, though I hope not (given that we lost Tony Dennison last episode). :frowning: Man, Kim’s going to be really pissed, now.

I loved seeing Melora Walters this episode and hated to see her rubbed out so quickly by T-Bag. And are really to believe that unsuturing his hand would leave no visible side effects (I imagine it’s got to smell nasty at least). I suspect that he’ll have the tables turned on him by his ex-, and he’s my choice for the next likely casualty of the Fox River Boys.

Things are building really nicely, and I hope they wrap things up this coming spring, instead of drawing things out for another season.

Mexico. The caption after he landed in the desert was something like “40 miles south of the US/Mexico border”.

It was a nice callback to a similar shot of Michael from early in the series. Having said that, the plot about Bellick getting arrested is even less believable than everything else on the show, which is saying something.

Seems like it. He was still listed on the in-show news reports as one of the missing escapees.

Don’t have much to say about this episode, other than it was pretty awesome, and a satisfying “fall finale.” I look forward to seeing how all the plotlines proceed, especially with the brothers hanging out with Kellerman now. Especially when they find out that Kellerman tortured and tried to kill Sara, as well as set up LJ for two murders.

T-Bag has a body count of 4 in 10 days. I am impressed!

I’d say Jericho is the dumbest prime-time drama on TV. Prison Break is as you say, a guilty pleasure. I’m not sure if we’re really supposed to take every week’s ridiculously contrived predicaments seriously. Are we?

How could Bellick possibly be tried, convicted and sent back to Fox River so quickly?

I’m happy with any episode which allows Sucre to remain alive and free.

Couldn’t make up my mind who was going to get it; Mahone or Kellerman. The show does do a pretty good job of keeping you guessing. And is Mahone dead?

This was episode 13, right? What’s with calling it “season finale?”

Not just any two murders–his own mom and stepdad!

No, the plot about Bellick getting arrested after T-Bag set him up was awesome. The plot about getting him shipped back to Fox River was ludicrous. Speaking of which:

He plea bargained to take the death penalty off the table. Of course that would never happen in the time posited on the show IRL even with the plea bargain, but I guess they had to get him hooked up with Avocado before “lights out.”

And naked. Oh, did I type that out loud?

It’s the “fall finale,” meaning that it’s off the schedule so the nation can [del]endure[/del] enjoy yet another season of (yawn) 24. Although why, since Fox has killed off “Vanished” and has a nice juicy timeslot there they can’t keep PB on I don’t know. Scared of “Heroes” I guess.

There was no trial, he plea-bargained; remember the conversation with his lawyer as they were walking? Still got him back into prison a lot faster than I imagine it could happen in real life, but the writers can be forgiven for wanting to get that done in this episode.

This show usually surprises me, but I thought it was pretty obvious that Kellerman was going to turn and that given that, Mahone had to be dealt with. I mean, after all he’d seen Kim do, Kellerman would trust the guy’s word that he’d be reinstated after his only hold over Kim was dead? And I’d bet a lot that Mohone isn’t dead. Kellerman only shot him once, that’s usually a sure sign in TVland that the victim isn’t dead.

Actually, PB will be back in Feb. at the same time, so it has nothing to do with 24 and everything to do with the other sporting commitments the network has in the next few months.

This show isn’t going on Xmas break for 24. They shortened this season’s hiatus; it will be back Jan. 29 (with Jan. 22 being a clips episode).

Well, I had predicted Old Man Burrows death, but I got Kellerman / Mahone mixed up. Thought Kellerman would buy it and Mahone switch. Need to clean my Magic 8-Ball.

This show needs more pretty women, but we’d probably just get more anorexic H-wood templates like Sara.

I don’t get Bellick. When they establish time of death, won’t they find he was at the hospital? I’m sorry…I’m thinking logically. I still haven’t figured out how a former Bull, Geary, couldn’t take down a man who should be in shock.

Is Haywire in Holland yet?

The way I was looking at it is both Kellerman and Mahone have screwed things up and pissed off “The Company,” and both of them are smart enough to have decided at that point to join with the brothers. Kellerman to save his own ass, Mahone to save his kid’s. So it was a toss up.

I have a tough time figuring out how anyone couldn’t take down T-bag after the first time his hand got cut off. I guess being evil gives you super strength.

For this episode, there’s only one mystery I want cleared up:

Postal Lady: “I’ve never done that before.”

Anyone want to take a guess?

I’ve only seen a handful of episodes but the lead in last night mentioned the 10 days. Is everything we have seen so far supposed to have taken place in 10 days real time? The amputation, the reattachment surgery by the vet, the prison board oversight hearings where the warden and Bellick were fired, the various road trips, the excavation of the garage floor, etc???

I had the vague impression we were talking weeks, not days.

When this show was announed, I gave a :dubious: :confused: . Haven’t watched it. Would someone kindly give a quick recap?

I know some dude commits some crime to get into prison to break his innocent brother out. What I don’t get is how they were supposed to “live happily ever after”?

I’m pretty sure that it is supposed to be real time, and all of that has in fact happened in just 10 days. Part of the reason it seems like more is because of the 11 or so characters that Prison Break has been following, and each episode has had three or more separate plot lines.

I agree with you that it doesn’t exactly make sense. I think that at some of the points some of the characters were teleporting to get from one place to the other. And there’s no possibly way in real life that Bellick’s trial and trip to prison would go so quickly. But this is Prison Break, and if I started asking too many questions, I think my head would explode.

This is a hard question to answer, so consider searching or re-caps:

Michael breaks into Prison to get brother out, tattoos his body with 3-d Eye type maps…
Others are needed to help him escape or somehow discover his plan, so the escape party grows…
Boy meets girl (Dr. Sara) falls in love, Dr helps with break out…
We learn that Gov’t plot frames Lincoln, everyone who learns this is killed, including Dr’s dad, the sentor…
They escape, but learn the location of DB Coopers hidden millions…
In pursuit of money, some are caught, some killed by crazy working-for-the-bad-guys, pill-popping FBI agent…
Each escapee has his own motivation, and Michael and Lincoln seek justice for Lincoln’s son (another sub-plot)…
Bad-guy Kellerman turns on bad guys and assists the Scolfield boys at their time of need, killing FBI dude…

I left out a lot, but that is the executive summary…

Sara’s father was the governor of Illinois.

I just “Crammed” for the ep on the 22. Fox had a myspace page with the eps. I sat in front of my pc for the 13 hours watching them all :eek:

Just so I am clear on it all, was the last thing to happen

Kellerman shoots Mahonne

And that nothing else in the storyline / plot has happened since then?

BUT OH MY what an ending.

The show (and yes I will suspend disbelief) just keeps ramping up.

I started watching the show back around thanksgiving. Thanks to Netflix. I only wish I had started way back when. Something didnt connect with me, with the show back then. I had no idea that “guy helps his brother out of prison” can rival 24 in terms of “edge of the seat” action.
So, new ep on the 22 or 29th ?


I started watching the show back around thanksgiving. Thanks to Netflix. I only wish I had started way back when. Something didnt connect with me, with the show back then. I had no idea that “guy helps his brother out of prison” can rival 24 in terms of “edge of the seat” action.


Important Note: I started watching SEASON 1 durring thankgsiving, thanks to Netflix. :smack: but hey, I own the Season 1 dvd set now.