Anyone catch Prison Break on Monday?

So I was scrolling through my program guide around 10pm on Labor Day night when I realized that I missed the season premiere of Prison Break (apparently). Good scheduling, Fox!

But I’m surprised not to find a Prison Break thread here…

Did I actually miss the premiere, and if so, can someone spoiler it for me?

Yes, you did. To make matters worse, it was a two episode block that they showed.

I can provide spoilers if you want, but as an alternative, I’d recommend watching the episodes online. Hulu’s got them available to be streamed, free and legal:

The only caveat is that you still get commercials. There seems to be less time spent on commercials than if you watched it on TV, but it’s generally the same commercial over and over.

Also, they split up the two episodes on Hulu rather than keeping them as a single block, so make sure you watch the first one first.

Yay for Hulu, didn’t think to check that. Thanks Erasmus…

It was fun. They set up the new season very tidily. Almost too tidily. It was like the fans are writing the show now.

I’m not complaining, though.

Did you eat some bad Mexican? Boo, hiss!

I thought it was excellent. Gripping and interesting. Yeah, a few things were a bit rushed or glossed over, but it seems to be a good start.

I’ve always said the nicest thing you could say about T-Bag is that he wasn’t a cannibal.

That idea is shot to hell.

Two questions (spoiled for those who have not seen the premeire):

[spoiler]1. Why did that Company guy kill Mahone’s wife and kid before Mahone got there? (I’m assuming he killed them, judging from the scene with the police outside Mahone’s house.) He was supposed to kill Mahone. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hold them captive in the house until Mahone arrived, and then kill all three of them?

  1. Did it seem weird to anyone else that Bellick was asked to be part of the team? What does he bring to the table, other than a distrust of Scofield and an inability to follow simple orders?[/spoiler]

I realize there are answers to both that involve phrases like “increasing the drama” or “establishing motivations” – but, considered only within the universe of the show, they seem nonsensical.


Just a couple guesses, though I don’t follow continuity of the show all that carefully: [spoiler]I think Mahone was supposed to either still be out of the country, or had already been caugt have been sent to a Super Max prison where the company would have got him. Killing his family was mostly just tying up loose ends. That company guy doesn’t seem like the patient type before killing a loose end.

As for Bellick, Sucre vouched for his actions back in Panama. That’s all I got.[/spoiler]

Is there a new thread that I’m missing or is this it?

It looks like The kid was killed, the ex-wife is still alive

Anyone else finding the hacker kid to be annoying? His accent sounds fake to me, but that might just be me not being that used to that particular accent.

I don’t find the hacker annoying, and I feel like his character at least makes more sense to be on the team than Bellick. In fact, the hacker (Roland I think) takes up the niche that Bellick is trying to do: guy who complains, isn’t fully with the team, and gets on the nerves of all the other team members. I fully expect Bellick to bite it sometime this season since he’s nigh useless at this point.

I didn’t even notice a particular accent with hacker guy.

I’m not really sure if I like the direction the show’s taken this year. It’s too different. They aren’t in prison, they aren’t technically on the run (like season two), it’s just a weird feeling. I’m still gonna watch, though.

I actually like it as popcorn tv. I mean, there are other better shows around, but somehow, they managed to take a one season show into its fourth season and still keep me mildly entertained.

I thought this season was going to be about Michael hunting down everyone in the company and killing them, sweet revenge for killing Sarah. The showrunners took it in a unpredictable direction and so far it’s working for me.

T-bag is still as slimey and wonderful as ever.
Bill Fichtner needs an Oscar project to finally get recognition what a great actor of *angst *he is.

I really dislike Rapaport’s scenery-chewing. Dude, you’re never gonna be Pacino.
I miss Kellerman, second best bad guy ever.

I’m glad they’re finally going in a different direction. I mean, how many seasons are they going to spend breaking out of a prison?
Even with that, I didn’t really get into the premiere. I’ll keep the show on my Hulu queue, but only for those really boring Sundays.

I about laughed out loud when I saw Rapaport in the premiere…I was hoping he’d be dispatched quickly, but alas, looks like we are stuck with him. Can’t watch him without thinking of that awful “War at Home” sitcom he was on (although I didn’t mind his turn on My Name is Earl). Wonder if he’s got compromising pictures of a Fox exec.

I’m predicting that Bellick will be given a redemptive death sometime this season.

I couldn’t help but watch the show with a nagging feeling of deja vu, like I’ve seen the same exact thing somewhere else. Then I figured it out: the A-Team.

Not the good A-Team, but the one from the latter seasons, when they got that Latino Special Effects guy and started working for the government.

Can’t wait for Bellick to get a black van with a red stripe.

I was thinking nearly the same thing during this episode, just mix the inferior era A-Team with a little Ocean’s Eleven, and that’s how it feels to me.

Hopefully things will take an upward turn when Michael and T-Bag cross paths.

Your spoiler information is correct as far as I know.

As per upthread, the new kid seems to be like Bellick but with a brain between his ears. That Bellick isn’t yet dead, given his superior idiocy, is amazing. That nobody has yet killed him is an even greater surprise.

Well, Bellick is a great tracker, not that they’ll use that.

He did find our boys, though. Mama comes in handy occasionally.

A great tracker? Bellick was able to track down Scofied and Burroughs because he intimidated Sucre’s cousin in jail. Am I missing something here?

I dunno! It worked. Hey, I’m reaching here.