What, no Gilmore Girls 4/4 thread yet? (open spoilers)

Wow, everyone is so not fine. Rory isn’t fine with Logan’s little incident of technically-not-cheating, and Lorelai isn’t fine that Anna is so involved in Luke’s life, while she seems to be excluded from such a major part of it.

Now that I’ve pointed out the obvious, how much fun was it watching Zack and Mrs. Kim write a hit song? Or Mrs. Kim telling Zack to hide the old ring because it would scare the children? And Zack seems to truly want to go through with it, even if he doesn’t have a clear idea of what marriage will entail. And apparently, Zack and Lane never slept together. (I know it wasn’t spelled out, but I though they had.) And Hep Alien is officially back together. And Hep Alien is a really bad band name. And I loved Lorelai’s reaction to Final Destination 3.

So Rory and Logan and Paris and Doyle are back together. The Paris/Doyle reconciliation was obviously on its way, but Rory and Logan, while excellent for each other, will need to have a major blow-up over this for their calling off of their calling it off to seem remotely believable. As it is, Rory was much too ready to go back with Logan without seriously hashing out how Logan could be ready to sleep with someone else a week after they broke up. I’m disappointed in her. And Lorelai feels so shut out of Rory’s relationship that she didn’t even have the courage to make a delicately phrased attempt ast saying, “You’re crazy. Talk to him about this,” which is sad.

All in all, not a bad episode.

I think they both feel shut out of each other’s relationships and neither has the courage to tell the other what they think of the issues. I predict this will be the catalyst for antoher Gilmore Fight by the end of the season.

Rory made a valient attempt at getting Lor to talk with Luke about April, But she ran head first into the brick wall of Loreali’s Stuburness.

To fix this, Rory doesn’t need to be making clandestine trips to Anna’s store - she needs to sit down with Luke and say, “Hey, get my mother more involved with you and your daughter, or you will end up losing her.” I’m convinced that Luke is acting excluding Lorelei out of ignorance, not malice.

And I like Michel even more after his sticky note system explanation. That’s where he is best - inside the Inn, slightly skewing the world to fit his little French brain.

I loved the exchange between Emily and Lorelai.

“Oh my, look at the time!”
“Yes, Three Hours and fourteen minutes goes by so fast!”

I often wonder where Lorelai gets her sense of humor, since Emily is so oblivious to it most of the time.

Not to hijack, but on Scrubs it appears Turk and J.D. watch The Gilmore Girls.

“Mothers and Daughters…they talk so fast yet so true.”

Considering her first 16 years in that house, it probably developed as a defense mechanism.

And I’m not buying that Mrs. Kim can help write a hit single, although the Dave Clark Five reference was wicked cool.

As my great-grandmother used to say at times like this–bullshit. Lorelei was doing EXACTLY the right thing by trusting Luke; her decision not to spy on Anna or press Luke overmuch was the mature, reasoned, intelligent response. Rory was intigating trouble by (a) going to the store in the first place, and (b) bringing up the fact that Anna sent over the bag. She’s making things worse.

Actually Emily has a pretty wicked sense of humor herself. However, Lorelei often uses humor as a (defensive) weapon against her parents, which is why Emily doesn’t appreciate it.

I dunno. I’ve always suspected Mrs. Kim had a wild past. Hey, Lane’s gotta get it from somewhere.

I’m probably going to be hunted down and hurt bad by legions of adoring Rory fans for saying this, but, Rory is hardly one to judge Logan for his sleeping around. After all she slept with Dean while he was married to ol’ what’s her face. However, I think Logan and Rory need to have a loooooooooong talk about where this relationship is going. I still think they’re going to break up. Logan will be graduating (I think) and going off more and more as part of his training to take ofer the family’s newspaper empire. I have a feeling they’ll see less and less of each other and Rory will get tired of it all. I just hope to Og they don’t bring Jess back into the picture.

I am ready to hold a shotgun to Loreli’s and Luke’s heads and say, “Look! Either get married or stay the hell away from each other forever, I’m sick of this on/off/on/off stuff. It’s getting old!”

So, Emily and Richard are looking at property in Star’s Hollow. This could get real interesting. Can you imagine Emily, Miss Patty and Babbette standing in front of Taylor’s market gossiping? :smiley: The town would drive Emily insane inside of a month, I bet.

Obviously, you missed the teaser for the next couple of episodes.

It seems too out of character for Emily and Richard to try to move to SH. I guessing that it will be a wedding present.

Am I one of the only ones who thought this episode sucked donkey balls?

Rory and Logan getting back together? Ummm…when? In the beginning? Blink and you’ll miss it. Their entire storyline was just weird.

Lorelai’s being a total doormat for Luke with April. That’s NOT Lorelai.

The only parts that made me really smile were the ones with Mrs. Kim and Zach. I love Mrs. Kim - she’s always adorable.

The characters all seem ‘off’ to me this season and it doesn’t seem to be improving at all. I really hope it gets back on track before the end of the season.


I usually don’t watch the teasers. I like being surprised.

Sir Prize (lovin’ the name!) you may be on to something. Emily was making comments about Lorelei’s house, asking if she and Luke would be living there and all… so may be it will be a present. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it turned out to be that biiiiiiiiiiiig house Luke wanted but Lorelei didn’t want?

As to Emily having a sense of humor, yes she does. See, I’m such a groupie I watch reruns. A couple of weeks ago on the channel (Family I think it is) that’s been running GG reruns, they showed the episode where grandma Lorelei died. One scene had Emily and Lorelei going through grandma’s things. They found a carbon copy (who keeps such things!) of a letter she had written to Richard the night before Richard and Emily married, where she begged Richard not to marry Emily. Anyway, Emily went on a tear! She gave one of her best lines ever: “As far as I’m concerned they can throw the old harpie in a ditch and let the wolverines eat her!” Classic funny/bitchy Emily! Gold! Just Gold! Later on there was some discussion about food for the wake. Emily said something to the effect of sticking some cubes of cheese on toothpicks, placing them in the old lady’s coffin and telling everyone to help themselves. She was also smoking and drinking! Emily! :eek:

Sorry to spoil it for you then.

Oh, I agree. Emily really does have a great sense of humor. Like when she was going out on a date, and called Lorelei, incredibly frazzled.

L: “Who is this?”
E: “Who is this!?!? It’s you in twenty years! Now get over here right away!”

Sir Prize I never thought of that angle. Perfectly in character for them to do that - making a major investment for Lorelei and Luke (because they still think June 3rd is the wedding date, to my knowledge) and then be totally confused and hurt when Lorelei refuses the gift. Oh yeah, that’s way more believable than R & E moving close to lorelei.

Elza I gotta disagree about Lorelei being a doormat. She’s respecting Luke’s (granted, implied) wishes that he gets the time he needs to come to terms with April. Lorelei doesn’t want to screw up this relationship.

And Rory and Logan got back together when Paris and Doyle were having make-up sex in the aprtment (R & L were talking out in the hall). But she doesn’t seem to be investing any feelings in it - left for the weekend without telling him, never answered any of his phone calls, being generally cold to him at the end of the show.

Gah! I missed a new episode!
How did that happen?


I’m very disappointed that Rory would get back together with Logan after all that. If she really does want him to start respecting her limits, she has to act like she respects her limits.

Emily has a great sense of humor. Remember when she casually told Lorelai at the dinner table that she and Richard had had a dinner with a Nazi? That was classic. Personally, I think I could get along really wonderfully with both Emily and Mrs Kim. But then the writers come along and evil Emily up every now and then so we don’t forget why Lorelai left home.

I don’t like Rory with Logan. Logan strikes me as a young George W. Bush type. Too much money and no accountability, a heavy drinker, and used to "aw shucks"ing his way out of trouble.

Sorry, but this isn’t Lorelai. If she were acting true to character, she’d be pushing Luke to involve her - this is huge, and he’s cutting her out of a very large part of his life. Typically, she wouldn’t take that sitting down.

I know when Logan and Rory got back together - I’m just annoyed with the way it happened. It was too quick and too easy.

Everyone seems off to me - the whole show seems on a major downtrend. This has been my favorite drama for years - it’s slipping.


But you’re forgetting something the writers made sure to remind us of: the boat.

Let me explain, if you missed it. Last night, you’ll recall, Richard saw the Luke’s boat in Lorelei’s garage for the first time, and Emily explained its significance–it belonged to Luke’s father and he works on it as homage to him–to her husband. Lorelei, you’ll recall, was unwilling to go into detail. This could be because of a good-sized fight the Ls had last season. For years Luke had been keeping the boat in a garage belonging to a elderly neighbor; when she decided to move suddenly, he had no place to store it, and in a rage he told her to sell it. Lorelei bought the boat so he wouldn’t lose it–but that too vexed him because she, as is her, wont, was doing what she thought SHE would want done in the same circumstance, rather than considering HIS feelings as expressly stated.

Lorelei is very skittish abou respecting Luke’s boundaries, not because she is naturally inclined to do so but because she naturally DISinclined, and knows that she could easily screw things up if she follows her first impulse. Recall also that Lorelei is spending not a little time with Christopher these days, and her relationship with him is largely parallel. Luke has expressly given her license to spend as much time as she needs with Christopher, as she and Chris will ever be connected because of their child; I think Lorelei feels she owes Luke the same courtesy, even though affording it terrifies her. And, as I said in an earlier post, Rory was incredibly bratty–nay, actively meddling–to visit Anna’s shop against her mother’s express wishes. She wasn’t helping, and she KNEW she wasn’t helping when she told Lor about the bag.

(Apropos of nothing, I wonder what would happen if either Luke OR Christopher found out about Logan and the bridesmaids? Because I think for once they’d be in total agreement: “Kill him!”)

You know, I just realized that, after several years of finding her cute and endearing, I am beginning to actively dislike Lorelai the III. Between the affair of the editorship, her not coming clean to Paris about Doyle kissing her, and her meddling in her mother’s business this last ep, she’s becoming a poncy little bitch…and I don’t think that’s an accident.

I do. I’m a Mrs. Kim fan (though I wouldn’t want her as a mother). She has no ego; if she thinks she can do something, it’s because she can.

That said, count me among those who believe Mrs. Kim already knew about Zach and Lane’s engagement. I’m fairly sure Babette was at the diner when Zach popped the question, and possibly Miss Patty as well; they’re gossip central, and there’s no way they wouldn’t have spread the word to her. (Recall Babette racing after Lorelai in the season opener to find out if Rory had truly dropped out of school.) But Mrs. Kim and Zach bonded during the Korean New Year celebration last year, and she expressly told him she would not get in his way if he tried to get back together with Lane. I saw the song-writing bit as meaning either (or both) of two things:

  1. She was screwing with his head for the fun of it because they’d gotten engaged without getting her express (rather than implied) permission.

  2. She was pushing him to work harder on his music to make sure he could support Lane (and Lane’s career) appropriately.

Remember, she already knows all of Hep Alien’s songs; she vetted them when she was setting up their tour. And she did THAT because, despite what Lane thinks, the most important thing to her was making sure that LANE does well in life; she refused to let Lane abandon her dream of being a rock musician. (And the only unambiguous words of praise she had for the demo were for her daughter’s drumming.

Okay, I’m done overanalyzing. :wally

Those are the things that bother you?

  • She saved the paper.
  • Telling Paris would have been cruel when and destructive.
  • I hope she walks up to Luke and April and says “Hey Luke, introduce me to my soon-to-be sister-in-law.”

If you want to pick on her how about the way treated her grandparents and sleeping with a married man?