What, no The Inside thread yet?

am I the only one who watched the first episode last night? Here we go, another great show that’s gonna get cancelled cuz not enough people tuned in.

Okay, maybe not GREAT, but potential to be great. It’s a cop show about the unit of the FBI that deals with serial killers. And the show is earning its TV-MA rating. And the main character is hot.

I’ve been looking for this thread as well…

First ep was, well, OK. Mrs Labtrash predicted both of the two main “plot twists” in the episode. She’s also in love with the Baldwin dude.

Looking forward to the next one.

At the end, did anyone hear the line “Web” (Peter Coyote’s character) says after

he shoots the criminal, then says “Let her go.”?

Can sonmeone tell me the premise of the show? Is it just FBI people track down serial killers? The promos make it seem like someone is attempting to become the next victim, and thus catch the killer in the act.

Also, what channel? I know I saw promos, but I can 't remember if it was on USA, TNT, NBC, or what have you.

Tuned in 20 minutes late… Forgot what day it was and as soon as I remembered I flipped on the TV.
I liked it enough. Peter Coyote is always solid but I think he has no clue how to deliver the “one-off” lines his character gets. Like shooting the killer and then saying “Let her go. Whoops. Did that out of order.” (paraphrasing)

I want more from Jayne… I mean… the Cool Baldwin.

I read about this show a long time ago. The original premise was that the girl was an undercover High School student. From what I understand they even shot a pilot with that premise. Fox rejected that pilot and hired a new writer who came up with the premise of former child kidnapping victim (an Elizabeth Short type) becomes FBI agent who goes after serial killers and kidnappers.
There’s supposed to be this pull between Coyotes character and the younger male agent over the female lead. Coyote is supposed to be the driven FBI guy who has nothing outside of his job and is grooming Rebecca to follow in his footsteps while the young guy is supposed to try to keep Rebecca ‘human’.
Everyone’s place on the show seems clear excep what is the red head female agents job?

Papermache Prince: “Damn, I got that wrong.”

I thought it was OK. I pretty much tuned in because I had seen some promos and they looked alright, plus Tim Minear and Howard Gordon (the co-creators) worked on some shows I liked in the past (Buffy, Angel, and Firefly between the two of them). It didn’t blow me away, but I enjoyed it enough to tune in next week.

Yeah, that was Minear. I hadn’t heard that they shot a pilot based upon the original premise, but when he was hired he wrote a new script that changed the premise to what it is now.


The premise is pretty much an FBI unit tracking down serial killers, as far as I can tell. The lead character is a “profiler” (as was the agent she replaced) so she tries to get into the heads of the killers or what not. Plus, there’s some stuff in her past that makes her suited to this role, apparently.

You can count me as being very disappointed.

I liked Peter Coyote’s character and the younger male agent, Paul. Had problems with everything else. Adam Baldwin was pretty much doing Jayne. The main character was pretty bland.

And plenty of it just didn’t make sense to me.

For instance, am I really to believe that a crack team of FBI investigators were working on this case for well over a year and nobody noticed the pattern of abductions matched up with the subway system? How did Coyote’s character know which stop the killer was going to get off on?

I’ll give it another shot, but if this one goes off the air, I won’t be shedding any tears.

I liked the show, and thought it was well done. I’m just not in the mood for scary this summer. I did like the funny lines like:

I’d like to follow what seems to be the intended struggle between Webster and Paul over Rebecca. A nice non-romantic triangle.
I’d like to, but I probably won’t.

I thought it was OK for the first 2/3ds, but the last third was so good I didn’t even notice the gaping plot holes. Minear can do no wrong in my book – he ran Angel, co-created Firefly, then ran Wonderfalls, all of which were great shows. That this episode had a bit of pilot-itis isn’t unforgiveable – after all, it was a pilot. (A guy I know who’s seen eps 1-3 says the next two are better.) I like the triangle that’s been set up; moreover I liked that, so far, Rebecca seems to have embraced Webb’s actions.

I don’t think there’s much chance it’ll survive past the summer, but when someone is one of the main forces behind three shows I love, then I’ll wach whatever else he does, even if it is about FBI profilers.


My parents had TiVoed the show and I watched it last night while visiting. It was a fun show, and I am ok with the fact that the plot made almost no sense because in a lot of ways it felt like the plot was a secondary consideration. What got me hooked on the show (ok hooked is a bit strong, but what I was liking about the show) was the Peter Coyote character and his relationship with his “team”. I thought that was an interesting enough dynamic that I will definitely try to catch future episodes, even though most of the acting is so wooden it reminded me of Star Wars Episode 1. (But Peter Coyote!! Why that man isn’t more famous is beyond me)

I saw it… kind of enjoyed it. But, dammit, I want a “hook”. Given the pilot, I don’t see this show having any sort of potential to it. There’s really nothing that makes me look forward to the next episode… I mean, what really makes it stand out from the other 8,334,534 FBI/CSI/NCSI/CIA/NSA clones out there, except that Minear’s heading it?

Well Minear’s involvment is enough for some people. Me for example

The rest of the CSI/NCIS/etcetcetc… Are quite frankly crap when it comes to characters and dialogue. What is Minear well known for? Great characters and dialogue.
What do I look for in a show? Great characters and dialogue.

That’s why I’ll be watching.

Oh, anyone from LA catch the pilot? I have only ridden the Metro rail once so maybe I’m off…

At one point they said the Lankershim stop was next. That would be North Hollywood. Then they got off the train in what appeared to be the Highland/Hollywood stop. Then when they were above ground it was clearly the Wilshire and Western stop (The Wiltern was in the background.)

I think the hook is supposed to be the heroine was abducted as a child, and excaped after 18 months.


Anyone watch the second episode?

I’m liking the series so far…but I think they’re going to have to be careful; it’s going to be very, very easy to fall into a repetitive formula here…of course, detective/mystery/thrillers have been kind of repetitive for over 30 years, so maybe that’s not that big of a deal.

I did like the part of last night’s episode where Baldwin’s character struggles with the spelling of the word “silhouette,” then decides that he’s just going to write the word “shadow” instead.

On the other hand, the main character’s “I am a special agent in the FBI” speech didn’t sound any better than when Keanu said basically the same thing in Point Break.

I liked this episode. My only problem was the religious doorman… The character had RED HERRING painted all over him.

The show still hasn’t found a good way to balance the Buffy style patter the writers desperately want to do with the setting and tone of the series.

I liked it, but…

Maybe I’ve seen too many of these FBI/CSI/yaddayadda shows, but in last night’s episode…

…30 seconds after we met the retired cop and he said that he was about to go fishing, I turned to my wife and said “Fishing? That’s an odd term for going out to rape and murder women in an attempt to frame the guy you couldn’t convict years before”.

Entertaining, but a bit too predictable.