What % of traffic tickets get "fixed"?

Recently, my wife got a ticket for a minor traffic violation, which we paid. Later, several friends told us that they get lots of tickets, but never pay them. They have a brother on the police force or a friend in city hall. We’re starting to feel like suckers for paying the ticket. And we figure somebody must have done a study of the phenomenon: what percentage of tickets get “fixed”?

I seriously doubt that anyone has done a study about this, at least not one that was accurate, since finding out what percentage of tickets got fixed would require cops and/or judges to admit to doing the fixing. I just don’t see that happening

I’ve had 2 “fixes”.I still paid half the fine ($100 for speeding twice-both going 35 in 25 zones),whch made the cost $50 each,since they were reduced to nonmoving violations=no points for insurance purposes.Worth the small fee I paid the lawyer.

he apparently does a thriving sideline in this.

My daughter got a ticket for running a stop sign. Actually, she failed to make a dead stop and even though there was no cross traffic, the cop gave a ticket anyway. Her friend’s father is a cop. When asled to fix the ticket, she was told (and I have heard this verified by other cops) that he would have to fill out paperwork AND get it cleared by his superior officer. According to other cops I have talked to, this has effectively put an end ot ticket-fixing.

I’ve never heard about anyone in California ever getting a ticket “fixed”. And believe me, I’ve been listening.