What on earth is Dangerousley Low Resourses ?

[rant] My computer is being a royal PIA [/rant]

What on earth does dangerously low resourses mean ? And how do I fix it ?


Resources include things like system memory, virtual disk memory, and processor overhead. Every running proccess and application consumes some resources. You can make more resources avbailable by closing down programs you don’t need, and turning off background virus scanning, and other background applications. Every item in your system tray is a running process. decide if you need them all or not and get rid of the ones you don’t. Adding more memory will also make more resources available. The best solution for you depends on your system configuration.

You have made it make too many decisions and run too many programs and it has forgotten what it did with all of its memory and now it’s confused and constipated and needs a timeout. It means it’s time to reboot.

You might also be running out of hard drive space.

You might also need to defrag.

But chances are a reboot will take care of it.