What ONE name comes immediately to mind when you hear "1950's"?

First name that comes to mind, please.

Okay to mention others after that first one, if you like, but make your post start with that first impression.

Elvis Presley

Good idea with the spoiler. I should have thought of that for the OP.

I’m betting your chosen name will be #1, surely in the Top 5.

Eisenhower. Second place is a tie between Howdy Doody and Dave Garroway.

Elvis. I’m not even a fan. Followed by Eisenhower.

I simultaneously thought of the two E names already posted.

Eisenhower was my first.




If I had to come up with a second, there’d be too many to choose from.


Then Ike.


I just bought my old college girlfriend an Elvis Teddy on Amazon for Valentines.

Johnny B. Goode

What can I say? He’s an old fave, and has been brought to mind recently by a couple of threads here.



(selected before looking at the thread)

Interesting, I Elvis I can see dominating, but I wasn’t quite sure about the other one.

Another Elvis

Another vote for Eisenhower.

I simultaneously thought of Elvis and Fonzie.

Buddy Holly

Oddly enough, I thought of Richard Nixon. Well, maybe not that odd, he was Ike’s Veep. But still, he didn’t do anything noteworthy in the 50s besides his “Checkers” speech.