What order do you view the forums?

General Questions, Great Debates, Cafe, IMHO, MPSIMS, BBQPit, and occassionally over to the comments forums.

ATMB - (I get all the updates, and its generally quick)
GQ - the next three are simply done in alphabetical order, not by order of preference)
CS/PIT (which is first depends on my mood)
CoCC/CoSR/GD (though I rarely make it that far, so that, again, depends on my mood - assuming I have time!)

Hmmmm…am I the only one who uses the “View New Posts” link?

I go there and just see the most recent threads for all forums and select the ones that I think sound most interesting.
Once I get through all the pages, I go back to the first one and see what has happened since I started.

If I have to leave my computer before I have read everything, knowing that all the posts have then been marked “Read”, I might pick and choose, depending on my mood, which forums I feel like delving into a little further.

Oh, sorry. Just saw roadkiller’s and FisherQueen’s posts now.:smack:

Usually I start with either MPSIMS or IMHO, unless it’s Tuesday in which it’s Cafe Society because JohnBckWLD’s amazing 6@6 project is usually up. Then, if I have time, I’ll check out the Pit, GD, and GQ, in that order.

I’ll check the other two once every couple weeks, if I’m so inclined.

I start with GQ,

Then it’s IMHO, and then it’s MPSIMS.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

About every 3rd or 4th rotation, I check ATMB, and every 6th or so, I peek in the Pit, but I rarely post there.

While I frequented it when it started, I haven’t even looked in GD in months.

I probably make ~40% of my posts in GQ, with most of the rest split between IMHO and MPSIMS. I visit Cafe Society and the two Comments forums about once or twice a month.

Looking at the responses here confirms an observation I’ve made before. When you do take a gander in the Comments forums, you find a whole different population of Dopers who apparently don’t traipse through the rest of the board.

Tonight I went looking for a friend to tell him about a HouDope we’re having. He apparently hasn’t seen the thread. A search revealed that he’s posted to 46 threads in the last month, with 45 of 'em in one of the Comments forums. I guess he’s found his home.

more often lately, I’ve found myself going into CS

I’ll go into GQ maybe once every week and a half or so… and rarely visit CCC or GD.


I have to start with the new stuff first, so:

View New Posts
Great Debates
General Questions
And the only time I really check whatevertheheck is left is if I’m really bored and the site is bookin’.

ATMB first usually, then a quick look at the Pit.
After that, it’s GQ, then MPSIMS, possibly IMHO and Cafe Society.

Rarely take a look at GD, like a lot of you here. I’m not one for that style of debate, and it seems pretty much same ol’, same ol’.

Sometimes I check out the two columns forums.

Search for threads to which I’ve contributed in the past 24 hours.
“View New Posts”
That’s it.

I usually start off in Cafe Society, then make my way to IMHO, then MPSIMS. If I still have more time to waste, then I check out the Pit and GQ.