What other musical endings sound like this one?

I was thinking of putting this in the “earworms” thread because it bugged me all day yesterday until I finally located it late last night. It was pure happenstance that I finally settled on Art Farmer - Stablemates as the source for the little final phrase that is repeated several times in this clip. The first one starts at 00:11 and the next repeat of it is at 00:35 and there are several others.

If you have similar “unforgettable phrases” or riffs or whatever, go ahead and mention them and maybe we can build a library of such things.

On a related theme, I always thought that Miles Davis’s Four was just a ripoff of somebody’s signature close to any number of tunes. (Probably Dizzy’s).

So other such things are fair game in this thread that I still can’t think of a catchy title for! :slight_smile:

One other example, just in case what I’m describing isn’t clear, would be the phrase in Seamus Blake - Peggy’s Blue Skylight from 00:18 through 00:22, which also get repeated several times over the course of the clip.

There are dozens more such things in my memory that I find hard to pin down to there source from time to time, but yesterday I just decided to get that particular one out of my head!

And while we’re at it, what’s the technical term for that portion of a composition in the Pop or Jazz genre? Tag? Coda? And is it an examples of a “Hook”?

Intros are fairly easy to locate: they happen at the beginning of a piece. These things are less well known, it seems to me, and they have to be pointed out (as I did with the timing marks). I’d love to see a collection of the more popular and/or famous ones. There must be hundreds of them.

I went through at least ten tunes in my search the other day before settling on Stablemates as the source, and, as luck would have it, I have already forgotten some of the “near misses” that I rejected along the way.

That’s the main reason I resorted to this thread, in hopes some of you may have similar fascination with such trivia. :slight_smile:

So if you have similar “whatever they’re called” segments of tunes that you can identify and point out with a link, please add them to the list. And the segment doesn’t have to be from Jazz to be of interest to me, either.