What Overly-Qualified Sub-Genres are You Being Recommended by Netflix?

I logged into Netflix today; the following categories were recommended for me on the “Watch Instantly” tab:
[li]Critically-Acclaimed Gritty Movies Based on Real Life [/li][li]Emotional Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead [/li][li]Black Comedies Starring a Red-Headed Frenchman and Featuring a Chicken[/li][/ul]

Obviously the last one is fake, but the others are real.

So, what’s listed on your “Watch Instantly” tab?

Huh - mine is far more mundane, the most specific is “Dark Dramas”.

It sounds like they went all Pandora on you though, I’m kind of jealous.

Damn, that is specific.

The most specific that I’ve noticed happened after I watched Big Night and Ratatouille; it produced (not surprisingly) “Movies About Food.”

Right now, just Steamy Romantic Comedies.

We’ve also gotten:
Steamy Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead
Period Dramas Based on Classic Literature (which inexplicably included the film Cacoon

I think you have to use Watch Instantly a lot to get the really specific recommendations like this. We use watch instantly far more than we actually watch stuff on DVD.

I’ve never used Watch Instantly.

I have two weird categories suggesting things:

Cerebral Crime Thrillers

The Spanish Prisoner
The Crimson Rivers
Green for Danger
Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night

Critically-acclaimed Gritty Action & Adventure

Dirty Harry
The Searchers
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior

And then just plain vanilla


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Boondock Saints
Then She Found Me

Most likely I’ll punt and pick my own.

I think the Netflix Recommend-o-Bot has washed its stainless steel pincers of me.

Maybe I’m hypercritical. I don’t think so; I think I rate movies fairly. The vast majority get three stars if I liked it, two if it was mediocre. Something has to really impress me to get four stars, and only a few near-perfect classics of the genre earn a full five stars. One star is reserved for utter shit: abominations that have no reason for existing, that I found personally insulting, or that helped accelerate the decay of culture overall. (Or at least those that I’m pretty sure probably would, based on the trailer or movie poster.)

So why does Netflix think I’ll hate almost every new movie that appears? Users will give it four-and-a-half stars, but we estimate Vinyl Turnip will think it’s barely worth a deuce. Worse, their estimated ratings have gotten uncannily accurate… they think I’m gonna give a movie two stars, damned if I don’t watch it and agree, almost every time. Or am I being subtly manipulated? Would I have possibly rated it higher? Are they predicting my tastes or controlling my thoughts? Why is it recommending a 5-disc nature documentary because I liked The Wire?

ETA: oh, and they think I like “critically-acclaimed dark movies about marriage.” Not sure what that means.

OOh, I got a good one:

“Visually-Striking, Mind-Bending, Sci-Fi & Fantasy”

I love Netflix

I love Netflix On Demand but it only lets me watch two movies: Eraserhead and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. To tell you the truth, those are all I really need but I will probably get tired of them in a few years and need to send a polite complaint letter to get a couple of others added.

My Watch Instantly section right now is giving the following categories:

Visually-striking Dark Foreign Movies

Suspenseful Dramas from the 1980s

At one point, Netflix was recommending both “Steamy Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead” and “French Romances with a Strong Female Lead”.

Now it’s recommending Comedies, Critically acclaimed Feel-Good Dramas, and Witty TV Comedies, which is a lot less emasculating.

Right now I have:

Critically Acclaimed Cerebral Movies
Heartfelt Fight-the-System Documentaries

I’ve seen others, though.

I only had one of two movies rated, so it just gave me “critically acclaimed.” I went back and rated most of the movies I’ve watched, and now I get “dark foreign action and adventure” [I liked Yojimbo and Fitzcarraldo, which are pretty damn different] and “critically-acclaimed cerebral dramas” [Barton Fink and The Third Man].

Critically-acclaimed Goofy Comedies

Suspenseful TV Shows
Critically-acclaimed Violent Action & Adventure
Comedies from the 1980s

I also have Drama with several subcategories to choose from:
Strong Female Leads
Dysfunctional Families

I have:

Suspenseful Horror Movies from the 1980s

Critically-acclaimed Suspenseful Movies from the 1970s

and before I had something along the lines of “Suspenseful foreign movies with gay protagonists”.

Evidently I loves me some suspense.

“Critically-acclaimed Cerebral Movies from the 1950s”

So, have you watched both of them now?

When I saw the thread preview for this thread, it didn’t know about the list function, so just had everything all smushed together. So the mouseover said that the OP was watching “Critically-Acclaimed Gritty Movies Based on Real Life Emotional Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead”.