I just joined Netflix; please recommend some movies

I just joined Netflix so I could watch the Stand as discussed in this thread. I have not seen any movies since 12/31/2008 (the date I had cable disconnected.)
I am female; however I do not like chick flicks.
Thank you for your time.

What kind of genres DO you like? Good action film would be “Inception” - great western would be “True Grit” - for funny I’d go with “The Hangover” or “Dinner for Schmucks”.

You could start with the Netflix Top 100, which are the top-ranked movies among subscribers. (Although in my opinion, there are some stinkers there.)

You call also go to “Suggestions for you” and then click “Rate Movies.” That’ll give Netflix an idea of what you like. The more you rate, the better it gets.

Yeah go knock yourself out rating movies. I just got a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription and they’ve rated under 50 movies and so far they have a ton of really great recommendations.

Don’t forget to check out their documentaries. There’s always something fascinating to watch.

You know, it’s weird to think that a few years ago, I would’ve seen this topic and immediately thought, “She got Netflix to get DVDs in the mail.” Now I assume you’re looking for Instant Watch suggestions.

Are you talking about the original? Because the Coen brothers remake isn’t due to be released on DVD until June. And I recently rewatched the original and quite frankly it’s not all that great. If you’re looking for a John Wayne western, I’d recommend The Searchers instead.

**fourmica ** Added all your suggestions to my queue.
I enjoy all other genres except chick flicks. I think of a chick flick as a love story type of movie. When I had cable, with all the premium channels, I watched every movie my time would allow. I have favorite writers, directors and actors as opposed to favorite genres.

Dewey Finn I did add a few from the top 100 to my queue.

**enalzi ** & ZipperJJ I have rated many but I thought I would come here and ask for advice too.

Little Nemo my Dad was a huge John Wayne fan so I have seen all of his.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

Glad to help…

Yeah I didn’t know when the Coen Brother’s version of “True Grit” was coming out. Haven’t actually seen it, to be honest, but I love everything they do so I assume it’ll be spectacular. No, haven’t seen the original but for a few minutes on TV - didn’t seem as good, agreed.

The Lucky Ones.
Whip It.

Here’s the movies I listed in Your top 10 fav films of 2010:

Easy A
How to Train Your Dragon
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Toy Story 3

I just watched **A Perfect World **last night; it’s as phenomenal as I remembered.