What part of "DO NOT BID" do you mooks not understand?

eBay test item

Must… not… bid…

I wonder what the shipping costs are.

Wait, I just e-mailed him re: shipping. I’ll report back when I hear from him.

Ya gotta wonder about the other 0.6% of the transactions…

Read the feedback on the “seller”. Hilarious.

What happens if the seller tries to collect when the auction closes?

What the fudge? That was funny, but seriously. What the fudge?

At one time, eBay didn’t restrict feedback to transactions; if you look, you’ll see that he has zero feedback from either buyers, or sellers, meaning people were just putting up feedback for the hell of it. That’s also why that feedback stops in 2000; it was about then that they decreed that all feedback had to be tied to a transaction.

[brief hijack]
Jeff Olsen, have you by chance been reading Christopher Moore novels?
[/brief hijack]

Aw, c’mon, the guy’s name is “skippy”, for cryin’ out loud. You just HAVE to bid!

This guy? Nope.

I had to ask - I haven’t heard the term “mook” used anywhere but in a Christopher Moore book. I think I must lead a more sheltered life than I realized. :smiley:

It was recently used in a certain pit thread. It’s also frequently used by Timon when referring to Pumbaa. :slight_smile:

The kind of stuff you’d throw away
I bought it on Ebay!

Why does anyone need to post a test item? What is skippy testing?

Maybe he works for ebay?

Yep. Well, rather, Skippy is an ebay catchall administrative name. If you do a search on their community pages (i.e message boards) you’ll find that Skippy is used to demonstrate stuff, test features, etc.

eBay Test Listings.