What parts of the internet are part of the extended Straight Dope 'Family'?

Just a thought that hit me while flipping through the various threads this morning - what OTHER sites do you, as a doper, consider to be part of the ‘family’?

There’s the alternate boards (as in the UnaBoard and The Fabulous Forums of Fathom), and the various good reference/debunking sites (as in Bad Astronomy and Snopes). And of course, Google. Any others?

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Tra la la.

Jim Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room, which I think was one of the first Weird Earl’s (if not THE first), is a pretty common source for offbeat news stories for Dopers. It seems that at least two or three threads a day on average are inspired by news items linked to by The Obscure Store.

And, of course, The Onion is the source for fake news and humor for many Dopers.

I feel like such a moron. I don’t know why I can’t think of these all at once instead of one after I just finish posting.

Nonetheless, I would also add Reality News Online, which is not only the (far and away) best site for Reality TV information and commentary, it’s also run by the SDMB’s very own David B.

(p.s., David B, that’s a fantastic site. I’ve been meaning to post you some kudos [or “props” or whatever it is the kids are saying these days] regarding it for some time.)

I had no idea that was there! Awesome!!

I listened to matt_mcl, and I was so pleased to hear “aboot.”


There’s also the not-so-fraternal newsgroups alt.fan.cecil-adams and misc.facts.straight-dope.

The IRC chat room on Undernet.

OpalCat’s Teeming Millions website.

The various Picture Pages and the Doper Tattoo site. Several websites with Dopefest pictures as well.

Did we forget about www.imdb.com ? Specifically this page.

More like this page, on the same site Spit mentions.

http://www.allmusic.com is somewhat oft-cited by Café Society denizens.

And of course, we can’t forget metatus.com, can we? :smiley:

Not to mention the source for straight news, as far as China’s dailies are concerned.

I’d add The Internet Movie Database, and Fark

Francesca! I’ve been trying to find that site! What a great idea! Props to you.

I would recommend The Smoking Gun.

It shows documents related to activities of the famous and not-famous. For instance, today (August 31) their featured document is the invitation for P. Diddy’s “The Greatest Party of All Time”, which followed the MTV Video Music Awards.

The dress code on the invitation is especially a hoot. For example: “If your shoes are scuffed you’re going to have a problem.”

I just found the SDMB Shoebox last night in a thread. A place to post pictures if you don’t have another way to do it. Check out Baby Doors (or Bomb Bay Doors, if you will)!

Francesca, I sent you a clip a while back - did you ever get it? I’ll send it again if you like.

Some of the the antipodean dopers hang out over at G’dope