What PC keyboards feel nicest?

What PC keyboards feel nicest? I have used Gateway and Dell for years, and was just admiring the Compaqs for sale at the local Best Buy. They keyboards felt much nicer - sort of heavy, and with a precise and silky key action, like they are heavily oiled, and less wobbly than I am used to. They also clattered less.
What’s your favorite, and why???

I like the Micrsoft natural keyboards, it’s just something about them that suits me. I’ve even gotten used to using the extra keys that microsoft insists on adding.

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Isn’t this more of a IMHO topic than a GD one?
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Well, to some, having the right keyboard IS practically a religious issue…

IBM Model M… nuff said.

Have to agree … an old IBM Type M or Northgate OmniKey does the trick for me.

I’ll take the old IBM XT keyboard over the Type M and Omnikey if it was an option, but unfortunately they can’t be used with modern motherboards.

Is this truly a matter of great debate? In my humble opinion, it isn’t.

IBM model M. I put the new keyboard with the extra keys in the closet and plugged in my wrought iron baby here . . .

To be more specific however, since this is GD Shalmanese and elmwood are full of it. The only true Model M is part number 1391401, id number 3894303, manufactured 19JUN89. The rest are just idolaters.

So … does the IBM model M keyboard feel nicer with a conventional QWERTY layout, or with a Dvorak layout?

Moving this to IMHO.

MS Natural Pro. Love it.

Logitech elite keyboard.

They even designed the keyboard to allow simultaneous key-presses of commonly used FPS game keys. If they didn’t design it that way, it sure does work for pressing strafe, crouch and back all at the same way.

That said, the keyboard feels great and I use the extra keys everyday.

I quite like my Dell one over the others I’ve tried.

I’ve found that I can’t type as well on the ‘quiet’ keyboards and I type much faster on the noisy ones. I guess whilst typing I like to hear the confirmation of the key being typed… if that makes any sense? :slight_smile:

Has anyone used one of those flat, rubbery, spillproof “indestructible” keyboards (http://www.keyalt.com/keyboards/virtuallyindestruct.htm)? How are they for regular use?

yes it does, keyboard clatter is important. :slight_smile:

i prefer one without the ‘windows’ key, it always gets in the way…

I will second the vote for Logitech. They are quiet and have a nice feel. I don’t use the software that comes with them though. I like the Windows Key and use it regularly. Windows Key + M clears all windows and sends you to the Desktop. Very handy.

Ooh, this is a major hobby horse of mine… I get very anal about keyboard feel, and IMO they don’t make 'em like they used to. Two things I dislike about current keyboards: the action is wrong (initially resistive, then suddenly soft, i.e. more like pressing a button than typing a key); and the “landing” is too cushioned.
A company called Cherry used to make great keyboards - constant key pressure all the way down, and a nice definite landing. And the best keyboard I ever used was on an ancient Toshiba portable (one of the big “clamshells” with orange plasma screens, much bigger than today’s laptops). But try as I might I can’t find any current keyboard that feels as good. I have an old Cherry model which has the classic feel but it’s too big and ugly. If someone made a sexy, compact USB keyboard that felt as good as that, I’d buy it like a shot.

I use an ergonomic querty/dvorak KB from dvortyboards, and I love it. Kudos to Henry and Mary Webber for this offering. It’s hardwired, so there is no software switching necessary, just the touch of a button. It also has lasered key etchings, the key layout with the older-style arrow key formation, and the number 6 on the left side of the split KB, which I prefer.

As far as the feel, the board actually has some physical weight to it, and has a nice, firm, responsive tactile.
**okay, that’s a little too close to fruit shopping but you get the idea.

Oh, any made from Chinchilla fur, I expect.

I’m very fond of my Dell QuietKey. The keys function very nicely; the force required is just perfect. Its a little loud (I actually dislike the clicking sound). Its getting pretty old and dirty, I hope I can find a good replacement.