What percentage of dopers take these debates WAY too personal?

I’m the kinda guy that doesn’t let a lot get to me. But I am wondering just how many dopers get way too wound up over debates and whatnot on this website. I have had some pretty good debates with people so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me as long as it is respectful and makes sense. But how many of you out there just hate another doper… or spend sleepless nights forming the perfect rebuttal? Are the teeming millions having fun or getting out of hand?

Personally, I find the OP highly offensive. Retract your hateful words, Sir, or meet me in the Pit!!!

Kamandi, I don’t know HOW you can attack poor ummm… yeahh… like that! He’s only been a member since March—that’s just MEAN of you, and I am putting you on my “ignore” list! I will never forgive you for your behavior!

Eve, it is a shameful and unforgivable breach of ettiquette to talk about who is on your ignore list! You should be banned for this greivous offense!

I am tearing my hair as we speak!

what percentage of dopers take these debates WAY too personally?



You’ve just made me cry, Eve. I hope you’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Wait - you’re ignoring me. Okay, then, I’ll just kick this puppy until you take me off “ignore”. See if you like that!

:kick: yip!
:kick: YELP!



… can somebody get me another puppy?

Kamandi! I order you to cease and desist! You’re one sick puppy. :wink:

Screw you all for making light of my post!!!

That I’ll take as a compliment.

And that’s so offensive, I’ll have to ask for a cite.

I stand corrected, it’s 13.5% :smiley:



Suggesting we go have intimate relations with articles of public property is pretty offensive to me.

75% :rolleyes:

wring, that cite is typical of your circular reasoning.

oh yea Dumbguy? how’s this one ?? :smiley:

Oh yeah well I think everyone is wrong but me.

It’s all about me!

When I first joined the boards I was obsessed with knocking down Collounsbury, Spiritus Mundi, and Kimstu. Now they are three of my favorite posters (well, Kimstu could post a little more… how dare she have a life!).

I still take it seriously, but I don’t get worked up over it anymore (the occaisional pit rant notwithstanding). Dopers are good people.

Oh, and I should have mentioned, the reasonI was so obsessed with them is that I friggin’ couldn’t! GAH. I was really worked up.


Just because no one else has said this yet:

Debating on the Internet is like participating in the special olympics: even if you win, you’re still a retard.

Oh my.

When we create a new forum titled Waste O’ Space, I’m moving this thread.