What Personal Video Recorder should I get and why?

I was thinking about buying one of those Tivo like devices for the family and wanted to know what I should know. What options do I look for? What (and where) do I need to learn about the devices?
Is there a “hands down” best model? What have your experiences been?

I wouldn’t know as I only have a Tivo.(Which is great btw:) ) Anyway here’s a link that might help

Oh, you could always check on www.tivocommunity.com. So what did you want to know anyway? I’ll try to help if I can.

I’ve got the ReplayTV. In some ways, it’s not as polished as the Tivo. But it does have a couple or three things that ‘did it’ for me. It automatically skips commercials and it allows you to send programs to other ReplayTV units and to your home computer as well. You can also program it remotely via the web.

There’s an online trading community as well at www.planetreplay.com . I missed recording a couple of programs and all I had to do was place a request and some kind person sent them directly to my drive. Takes a wile though, even with a cable modem.