What platformer game should my wife and I play?


Not a current one. Mainly looking for SNES, NES, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS style ones. Perhaps SEGA or some other old system.

I do not have a Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360. We’re going a bit old school here.

My wife and I are playing some of the classics that we never finished or even played when we were kids.

So far, here is what we played and what we’ve thought:

Super Mario World: Pretty good. Good length of levels.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island: Amazing. Best game we’ve played in a long time. We really liked that it mainly avoided super quick reflex jumping. Loved it.

Yoshi Island DS: Great. Very similar to first one, but wonderful.

Super Mario Bros 3: Pretty cool. Very short levels, but cute and fun.

Braid: Loved it. I know it isn’t an old classic, but the best puzzler/platformer I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, what do you recommend? Feel free to explain your thoughts and suggest whatever you like. I’m open-minded.

All of the ones you’ve listed.
Have a nice day.

You might like the original NES version of Batman. Also the Mega Man games were fun for NES. Wizards and Warriors III was a great platformer.

Sega has some great ones, Tazmanian Devil was funny and fun. Cool Spot for Sega was cool too.

For Batman. NSFW audio.

Uh, thanks?

How about Super Mario Bros. 2. It has a different almost dream like feel to it. You can also play as Toad or the Princess. I didn’t like it at first but now I love it because of it’s differences from the other Mario games.

or the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega.

Don’t mention it.

They’re all fun games and worth playing, I suppose.

I’ll admit, I’ve never played Braid, though. I’ve heard nice things about it.

Ah, yes, I meant to mention that we plan to play:

Super Mario 1

Super Mario 2

Super Mario Lost Levels(2 in Japan).

What else was good?


Mega Man X, X2, and X3 - these are my favorite Mega Man games. Cool levels and weapons, and awesome music. If you just pick one I’d say X.

Kirby Super Star - This has 6 or 7 games in one, but they’re all pretty good. Has a ton of powers/abilities you can obtain and special moves you can do. It’s not very challenging though. But two people can play at once, which is fun.

For Sega Genesis:

Sonic the Hedgehog series - as mentioned, these are absolute classics. The levels are huge and have branching paths that you can take, which is a lot different from the Mario approach, where you have straightforward, shorter levels (but Sonic has a lot fewer levels). Sonic 2, Sonic 3, or Sonic & Knuckles are all great. I don’t like the first one as much because you can’t spin dash, which is part of what makes these games so fun: going really fast!

Gunstar Heroes - this game is absolutely out of control. It’s basically run & gun, with enemies constantly swarming you and you constantly blasting them to pieces. The coolest part is there are 4 “powers” (homing, laser, fire, and…something else I forget) you can combine to make any of 16 weapons. For example if you have the homing power (makes your shots target enemies, but also makes them weaker) and the laser power (makes your shots go through enemies) you would get a homing laser that pierces enemies. A lot of the strategy is choosing the correct weapon for the situation. I think this game also has a two player mode, though I’m not sure. Also it’s pretty damn hard.

For the PC:

Cave Story - just because I feel compelled to recommend this game in basically every thread where it’s relevant. It might be my favorite platformer of all time (maybe tied with Super Mario World) and I think it’s criminally underrated.

The Metroid games are good, too. There seems to be pretty consistently one per platform, which means the original was NES, Metroid 2 was on the Game Boy, and Super Metroid was SNES. Super Metroid is also an excellent sequel, with some great callbacks to the first one.

On the SNES I think Plok is an unfairly overlooked platformer. It gets frustratingly hard, though.

Jesus, those will keep you for a long time! Just play 'em, ferchrissakes!


Really? Super Mario Bros. 3 has taken us…a week or so to get through? About that, anyway.

I’ll proabably try New Super Mario DS next, as well.

I’m looking for games like Yoshi Island and Braid that are kind of like puzzler platformers, I guess.

Plok looks neat, by the way. I might give it a shot. :slight_smile:

ToeJam and Earl for Sega, available in WiiWare.
One of the BEST Laid back games EVER made in my opinion. Fun, challenging, a good sense of humor and a great soundtrack made this a great fun game to play just to de-stress with my family or my college roommate back in the day.

Of course I may be a bit biased. :smiley:
But it’s THAT good.

Let’s just say that on Lost Levels you will die. A lot. I know there’s a term for this called “Nintendo Hard” but it really does take it beyond, I’d call it “arcade hard.” That sort of bullshit difficulty level which seems to have the sole purpose of making you insert another quarter, even if there’s no coin slot on the machine used to play it.

Oh, by the way, Lost Levels and 2 aren’t quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite the same, the American translated version that was released for an American audience was toned down in difficulty a tad. It’s still really hard, just not AS hard.

I’ll second the metroid games. Especially Super Metroid, and the GBA metroids. They’re alot of fun and full of platformy goodness. If you want a challenging platformer, try Blaster Master, or Ninja Gaiden.

Another vote for Cave Story. It’s one of the very best freeware games ever whose praises I cannot sing loudly enough.

I notice you don’t have any Metroids or Castlevanias on your list. They’re definitely more exploration heavy and complicated than anything you listed, but they’re pretty much all excellent. Super Metroid on the SNES, Metroid Fusion on the GBA, or Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow on the DS would be good places to start for those.

Henry Hatsworth on the DS is a weird combination of platforming and Tetris Attack style puzzling that somehow ends up being a blast. Give that a try if you’re looking for something offbeat.

How about the Kirby games? They’re definitely on the easy side (ok, very easy), but Kirby Squeek Squad and Kirby Super Stars Ultra on the DS are rather fun.

How about the NES Megaman games? The Megaman X games have already been mentioned, but 2 and 3 for the NES were also superb. And if you ever end up with a Wii, Megaman 9 is more of the same in the best way possible.

I don’t think it has aged very well, but I remember enjoying Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers for the NES way back in the day on account of its simultaneous two player coop. Nostalgia may be overwhelming my objectivity, though.

Oh, yeah, I just remembered Blaster Master, too. It’s only half-platformer, though: Major parts of the game are in a top-view indoor environment.

Not yet mentioned:
Duck Tales. Seriously it’s a great NES game.
Prince of Persia

Great music, too.

Given that pretty much everyone speaks of Cave Story in nothing but the most superlative terms of adoration, I’m not sure one can consider it underrated :). Just unknown; it is an indie game, after all. It’s coming out on the Wii later this month, though, so this may change.

A couple other freeware indie platformers I’d recommend:
Eversion - a cute platformer with a dark secret.
Within a Deep Forest - play as a bouncy ball, choosing materials with different properties to solve platforming puzzles.