What Products do you get, that I don't?

Culture is all around us, and I dare say we can not comprehend life without one. Manufactuers for various reasons can not have all products in all of their markets. Perhaps they only Choose to market items in a particular location (West and East Coast of the USA for example).

Offering a website/URL will be Ideal for this purpose, as we all have a Internet connection, and the Manufacturers will be more than happy to explain their products better that we can, and we should not re-invent the wheel here.

In Short, what Items, Services, Brands do you know of that are not Nationwide (US) or World Wide?

I loved “Shrimp Chips” while I was in Hawaii last summer, but alas can not find them here in Georgia. Are these avalible in the Contiguous 48?

How does White Castle (whitecastle.com) Compare to Krystal (krystal.com)? I don’t think the former is even around in the East Coast.

What about Jack in the Box, Fatburger (Not found in GA)… and Why on Earth Does Carl’s Jr. Remind me of my Local Hardee’s ? (I don’t think Carls are on the East Coast either) And since they are so Similiar (And Apparently owned by the same Company) Why on earth where the two seperated?

Best Food’s And Hellmann’s… What gives with this?
A mayonaise by any other name would be the same!?!?

Well, you get the Idea, I want this post to be an education resource of local pop cultures. Please do some research on the items/products you post here.

My favorite soft drink is Moxie. It’s relatively easy to find here in New England, nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Various brands of Shrimp Chips are available here, both ready-to-eat and in uncooked form for preparation at home, in Asian markets. Meeko, if you live in a city with any Asian population at all, you should be able to find an ethnic market.

I can get shrimp chips up here in the Great White North, but we don’t have White Castle, Fatburgers, Carls Jr, or Hardee’s. Albert’s Pancake House is Canadian, as is Jone’s Soda

A multitude of shrimp chips and various rice crackers are readily available at Walgreens here. But then, there is a multitude of Asian people here.

The It’s It is a regional specialty. There are other ice cream sandwiches out there, but not using oatmeal cookies.

Another regional specialty that’s hard if not impossible to find outside of a roughly 100 mile radius of here is sourdough bread.

It seems like the entire state of South Carolina doesn’t have Dr Pepper. Drove me nuts whenever I would visit.

Cotton Club ginger ale, largely consumed in Cleveland and NE Ohio:

I love ginger ale but Cotton Club is my favorite. The other day in Costco here in Seattle there was no ginger ale to be had.

I can verify White Castles are in NJ. But I doubt that there is a “Famous Ray’s Pizza” near you. Also, there is Brookdale soda here as well.

Gibble’s Potato Chips. The best on earth! Ingredients: potatos, lard, salt. I couldn’t find a site, but this from Esquire Magazine: “GIBBLE’S (MARION, PENNSYLVANIA) A product of southeastern Pennsylvania’s Potato Chip Belt (Herr’s, Snyder’s of Hanover, Bickel’s), this school-lunch classic has just the right amount of surface oil and saltiness with a light crispness and homemade taste. Odds you’ll eat the whole bag: 5 to 2. Once those cafeteria memories kick in, anything could happen. 800-843-2447.”
I’ve also heard a lot of people talking about In ‘n’ Out burgers, but I’ve never seen one.

In ‘n’ Out burgers started in southern California, and are slowly working their way north. Last I heard, there was one in Redding, but there wasn’t when I lived there 9 years ago. Some people swear by them - I seem to be an anomaly. The burgers are OK, and pretty fresh, but I think the fries are soggy tasting. I guess I’m just used to reconstitued potato products.

We lost our White Castles a few years ago. They dont have any west of St. Louis. I have drivien the 4 hours there to get burgers before. And then I became vegetarian, so it wasnt much of an issue, now Im in a small semi-conservative school, so I eat meat… Anyway, if a product isnt profitable enoug in an area its gone PDQ.
And Im very glad Moxie isnt profitable in my area, blech!
I do love Jones tho and have yet to find a place without it. A few things I know are more common the further south you go are some decent Mexican groceries. Im a big fan of Banana candie, cake things I can get in southern Missouri, but not up here in Maryville.

Most of this stuff.

I want a bottle of Moxie. And I miss Freihofer’s bakery, and would commit two misdemeanors for a dozen of their cupcakes and one of their golden cakes with fudge icing and another if you’d agree to throw in some Tastykakes and a package of chocolate-covered donuts.

Down here, I can get Dr Pepper made with real cane sugar! Also Frostie brand beverages.