What program or app would you recommend to keep track of a list on a daily basis?

I’d like to start keeping track of the variety of foods that I eat. My plan is to make a list of basic ingredients and then mark off each day that I eat that particular food. For example, I’d have apples at the top of the list, then columns for every day to mark whether or not I had an apple that day. I’d like the primary focus to be on the big picture, not on the day to day method that the typical app like Weight Watchers is set up for. Delving into the details of any one particular day or particular ingredient isn’t necessary, but would be a bonus if available. Yes, I know I can keep track of something like that the old fashioned way, but I prefer not to deal with the mess of taping a bunch of paper together, and then having to cross things out should I make a mark in the wrong spot.

What program or app would be good for keeping track of this kind of thing on a MacBook or iPhone? Thank you for any recommendations you all may have!

Excel/Google sheets?

Probably, any app that you could find would just try to be more complicated than what it sounds like you’re going for.

I agree, it sounds like you just need a simple spreadsheet. Google Sheets would work fine, and you could access the sheet from any device (phone or laptop).

I did something similar with a simple spreadsheet, which I printed out (one page) and laminated. It lives on the kitchen counter with a wet-erase marker to check the boxes. When it’s full, wipe it clean and start again.

Calendar. Set appointments three times a day to remind you to write down whatever you’ve eaten in the past six hours.

When you get a message, edit it for the next day.

I’d throw in a nomination for the HanDBase app.
If you can’t find something from their database gallery then a quick custom build would work.
Create a form with a date field and check box fields for each food variety.
Then you can export the collated data as CSV to Excel and manipulate/summarise to your hearts content.