What punishment do the disrupters at the Kavanaugh hearing face?

The thread title asks the question. There have been about twenty bajillion people whisked out of the Kavanaugh hearings for yelling and disrupting the proceedings. What penalty do they face?

Not much, usually.



Penis guy in the condom suit may face a certain level of social sanctions.

Therefore there is no punishment for the party or parties that recruited these protestors to act on the behalf of the opposition?

I didn’t know it was illegal to act on behalf of the opposition or to recruit people to do so. What country was this in?

Cite that the protestors were recruited?

Soon after the Kavanaugh hearings were scheduled, the Center for Popular Democracy Action worked with other advocacy groups, including the Women’s March, Ultraviolet and NARAL, to urge supporters to flood the capital, Epps-Addison said.

“Once we knew the hearings were going to happen, we started putting out a call through our networks, and regular folks who know the impact this will have on their lives started raising their hands and saying, ‘I’m coming,’” Epps-Addison said. “We’ve had people carpooling and caravanning to get here.”

Rachel O’Leary Carmona, chief operating officer of the Women’s March, confirmed that her group had coordinated a plan to disrupt the hearings. That included offering lodging to traveling protesters and “jail and bail support” if necessary.


Nice attempt to make it sound like these are paid protesters instead of actual concerned activists.

They were paid.

Gateway Pundit? Really? His familiarity with anything remotely resembling the truth is tenuous at best.

Maybe he got this one right but so far he is the only one I see saying it. Do you have any other sources?

Yeah, you’re going to need something more credible than “Gateway Pundit: ‘We report the truth — and leave the Russia-Collusion fairy tale to the Conspiracy media.’”


Gateway Pundit - aka Dim Jim Hoft, “The Stupidest Man On The Internet”

Scary thing is he is having success doing it so laughing all the way to the bank.

This article lists a few false stories promoted by Gateway Pundit: https://www.axios.com/trump-tweets-spygate-strzok-page-gateway-pundit-conspiracy-5fa36da4-d07a-454b-8aba-4e30fe5fc651.html

Apparently they are big into the Crisis Actor conspiracy theory: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/what-is-gateway-pundit-the-conspiracy-hawking-site-at-the-center-of-the-bogus-florida-crisis-actors-hype/2018/02/23/dded562a-174e-11e8-b681-2d4d462a1921_story.html?utm_term=.397de2432ef8

Lots of articles about Gateway Pundit at snopes: https://www.snopes.com/tag/the-gateway-pundit/
Patriots need to consider their information sources carefully, when considering matters of broad public policy.

Gateway pundit = fake news.

The silliest thing about these conspiracy theories is do the posters of it really think that there are a lack of people out there pissed-off and passionate enough to do it for free?

The most ridiculous one I saw was “proof” of paid anti-Trump protestors being bused into Chicago, of all places (like we needed anti-Trump protestors bussed in here. Are you fucking kidding me?) and then, as proof, showed a picture of rows of buses lined up on Canal, just south of Roosevelt. Anyone who lives in Chicago and has driven down Canal in that area knows that there are always slews of buses and motorcoaches there, as that is an area that has free all-day parking for those vehicles.