What punishment fits Martha's crime?

Well, it looks like on at least one occasion Martha got greedy, and screwed up. And then made the capital excuse of trying to cover it up. My question is, what should be the repercussions?

I hope I don’t come across as sounding like I feel the rich should be able to get away with breaking the law. But does her offense merit a fine? Jail time? And what economic penalties should she and her company bear as a result.

On one hand, I never really cared about MarthaCorp. But her approach struck me as pretty harmless. Her industry employed many people. And provided pleasure for many consumers/viewers/readers.

Now one daily hears that she is evermore distancing herself from the Corp, and that the Corp is taking one hit after another, facing an increasingly bleak future.

If there was any value to her “product” over the past couple of decades, I think it should not be entirely negated by her “crime.” It seems to me that the public is over eager to see her cast down simply because of the position she held, rather than due to the magnitude of her crime.

I say make her wear polyester and eat frozen dinners for the rest of her life.

Until such time as every single Enron and WorldCom executive gets 500 years, no possibility of parole, in supermax pound-you-in-the-butt federal prison, rooming with big, hairy, ugly, mean guys, no priviliges, no comforts, Martha Stewart deserves no more than a “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”

Filming celebrity endorsements for Bush/Cheney 2004. Her sentence will get shortened depending on how effective they are…

“Effective” ? Meaning how much she can ruin their chances of winning ? :slight_smile:

I second the motion about frozen diners. She should also have horrid decoration imposed on her.

Laundry duty for 11 cents an hour using Kmart sheets.

And I’d have to go with Spam for her nutritional needs in honor of the incessant news articles that followed her trial.

Jury duty in Kenneth Lay’s trial? Oh, yeah. Kenneth Lay hasn’t even been indicted yet.


Lots of taffeta.

I really believe that Martha’s getting a raw deal. She may have indirectly caused some people to be out some money, but geeez. She hasn’t intentionally gone out and screwed people out of the kind of money that some corporate executives have. It seems like she’s being punished more for her persona (i.e., arrogance) than the harm she has done. Give her a fine, let her pay back some cash, and be done with it. This is persecution, for the crime of being a successfull, but mind you, supercillious woman.

Make her live in my apartment for a month. Plus, eat my cooking.

Forced to have humiating guest spot on SouthPark for one season. Also, she should be allowed to read nothing but her own publications and watch her own television shows for ever and ever.

Oh, you mean punishment for her crime, not just her general existence…

I think a fine for the amount of profit plus prosecution costs should do the trick.

While prison itself wouldn’t be appropriate, I think she should be forced to star in an R-rated women in prison B-movie, as the hardened older woman who gives the tender young newbies hell until they bend over for her.

I say for the sake of consistency we give her the same punishment we give to everyone else that commits her crime, a mansion a porsche and a villa in the Hamptons.


Clearly MS must be made to lick Camille Paglia’s spike heeled shoes evey day, and Paglia’s sensible shoes (such as she owns) on Tuesdays for 14 to 17 months, depending upon good behavior.

If she wasn’t on the board of directors of the NY stock exchange at the time she committed the crime, then I would say, yeah give her a slap on the wrist.