What Question Do You Have For the Candidates?

Tonight’s Town Hall-style debate in Missouri is designed to allow undecided voters to ask questions directly of the cadidates.

If you were selected by the Gallup Organization to participate, what one question would you ask each candidate?

Regarding my voting for you, what’s in it for me, specifically?

Senator Kerry, I plan to vote for you but am rather troubled as to your stance on abortion. You say you believe as I do that life begins at conception yet say that you cannot make that decision for women in general. I am reminded of Senator Douglas, Lincoln’s opponent; he was opposed to slavery as well, but did not think he should impose that belief on the South, a stance which we would not find valid today. Your stance strikes me as the same. Also, what programs will you put into to place to help the frightened, confused, impoverished women who have abortions keep their homes and jobs so they can give birth?

Mr. President, will you spend your retirement in Kennebunkport or Crawford? :smiley:

Senator Kerry, you say in your campaign ads that you want to help small business owners. How do you plan to do that if you are going to raise taxes on those making more than $200,000 a year?

President Bush, what plans do you have to cut the size and scope of the federal government?

President Bush who are the Presidents (prime ministers, etc) of Egypt, Canada, Japan, India (and maybe a few others) ?

Senator Kerry - same question.

At least that is a question on which the answers could be judged objectively.
Gee I wonder which of the 2 would do better in that quiz? :rolleyes:

Mr. Bush: can you point to any specific example of any time in the last three and a half years where you accepted responsibility for anything that went wrong?

Mr. Kerry: is it true that you served in Vietnam?

Mr. Bush: Since you assert that we must win the war against terrorism, why should I vote for someone who spent his war years safely in Texas and Louisiana, as opposed to a candidate who repeatedly risked his life in Vietnam and attacked armed guerillas in their nests?

AND a Vice President who had “other priorities” so that he could get a good education a get a CEO position with a multi-national corporation instead of taking the chance that he might have ended up as 1 of 53,000 names on a wall?

President Bush, what with No Child Left Behind’s funding problems, my school hasn’t been able to buy any school supplies for several years. I know you have plenty of money- will you buy me a set of dictionaries for my English classroom? Some index cards, staples, and ink cartridges for my printer would be nice, too. I’ll be happy to give you the address.

If you absolutely had to choose, a male thong or women’s underwear? (Screw “boxers or briefs?”)

I’d be more than happy to address this question to either Mr. Kerry or Mr. Bush:

Do I look like a bitch?

Mr. Kerry – a follow up to the claim you made at about 9:30 p.m. during tonight’s debate, namely that you would add 40,000 active duty troops to our military. You have actually made this claim repeatedly, while lambasting current stop-loss policies and the current level of activation of our military reservists. However, you have never once explained how you would make this 40,000 troop addition. Absent a draft, what possible method of adding that level of manpower could you implement, and how will such a personnel increase – with the subsequent increase in military spending related to salaries and benefits for those new troops – fit into your stated plan of fiscal management, especially in light of the fact that you’ve simultaneously promised at least two, perhaps four new entitlement programs (or major expansions of current programs) which will cost billions of dollars to roll out?

Senator Kerry, how can you justify voting for the Patriot Act without having even read the damn thing? How can your collegues in Congress justify that?

Chairman POW
… and in a related question …
President Bush, how can you justify being President when, by your own admission, you don’t even read the newspapers ?

To President Bush:

You have been a steadfast opponent of same-sex marriage since your State of the Union address specifically discussed how we must defend marriage from homosexuals. Further comments from you and from the Republican party have taken as given, without ever directly explaining, that gay marriage would somehow threaten or destroy marriage as it currently exists in this country. Explain to me, a male member of the American gay community, two specific ways in which me marrying a man would quantifiably and significantly damage your marriage to your wife. In your explanation, take into account the fact that the phrases “defend traditional marriage” and “liberal activist judges” are not part of any actual answers but are rather attempts to appeal to the conservative Christian vote while completely ignoring the point of my question.
(I’m betting he wouldn’t actually answer the question much like several of the candidates didn’t actually answer questions posed them; Bush never gave three specific mistakes he made, just saying he appointed the wrong people to positions but didn’t want to embarrass them. I’m also betting this question would be way too long.)

Mr. President, what pro-life plans do you have for the remaining embryos created during in vitro fertilization if they are not used for stem cell research?

Senator Kerry: Could you please explain, as simply as possible, your role in the BCCI investigation and the “Kerry Committee’s” role in the Iran/Contra investigations?

(Just to see Bush’s eyes bug out)

pResident Bush: Why haven’t you gone to any memorial services or funerals of troops killed in Iraq?

(Just to see Bush’s eyes bug out)