What rated R sound was edited out of "The Village" (spoiler warning)

I saw a pre-release interview with M. Night Shyamalan and he noted that an off- screen sound was edited out of the scene where

Ivy is running from the creature in the wood. It was the part where she was twriling. It was aerial shot. Mr. Shyamalan said the sound was going to result in an R rating for the movie. When he removed the sound, it became PG 13.

So…what was the sound?

I have no idea, though I have two guesses:

Noah killing a small animal i.e. animal screams and bones breaking


Noah becoming aroused

What exactly is the sound of someone becoming aroused?

Imagine the sound of one hand fapping.


No, that’s the sound of an AMC Hornet being launched.

What Lobsang said.

See Vince Vaughn in the remake of Psycho looking through the hole in the wall.

Can’t remember the reference here. Anyway, just imagine that scene with the sound effect I proposed in the right place. I think it would be an all-time great movie moment.



“I’m masterbating like a mother fuck!”


:eek: Thanks for sharing, LordVor, but do you have any ideas on what sound was edited out of the movie?

So … one of the members of the village is Beavis?

Well, a little more surrealism wouldn’t have hurt the movie, though I think a “whooo!” is supposed to go in the beginning of that.

It was Noah tripping on a rock and yelping “F**K!” :smiley:

Notice how all the bizarre twists we’ve thought of are better than the one in the movie?

Come to think of it, Adrien Brody jerking off in the woods might count as a twist ending, but of a different sort. :smiley:

“Heh heh heh heh … I’m gonna score with the blind chick! I’m gonna SCORE! Then I’m gonna kick some squirrels’ asses. That would be cool … heh heh heh heh.”