What religion were Adam, Noah?

Did Adam or Noah have a religion? And, is there any theory about how Noah could have known what a clean or unclean animal was (when he was told to take 7 of the clean and 2 of the unclean)? - Jinx

The mormons say their religion is the same religiion that Adam & Noah practiced. They also say it was the same religion that Jesus established.

That’s assuming there was an Adam or a Noah.

Wouldn’t they be Proto-Jews?

I believe they are mythological characters, and have no ‘religion’.
But if one must be assigned to them, it would depend on who you ask and what meaning they want to ascribe to those myths.

The Muslims claim that Adam, Noah, and also Jesus, Joseph, Mary, King David, Solomon—hell, practically everyone in the Bible—was Muslim.

Adam was supposed to have built the first Muslim house of worship in the world. It was destroyed in the Flood, but the foundation remained and the building was rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael, and is still around today, known as the Kaaba. (If I got the story right.)

Of course, I have a suspicion that the Jews and the Christians might have objections to this version of history.

As for myself, I believe Adam and Noah are just symbolic persons, and the story as presented in Genesis is an allegory, and not a history.

And yes, as Speaker for the Dead pointed out, if you believe there were such people, they were proto-Jews. It all started with Abraham.

Jews didn’t come into existence until the tribe of Judah, the son of Jacob. So the only real “proto-Jew”, if such a term has any meaning, would be Judah himself.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are called “Hebrews.” The sons of Jacob and their descendants are called “Israelites” (because Israel was Jacob’s byname). The Jews are, strictly speaking, one subset of the Israelites: the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. (The other ten tribes are considered lost to history.)

According to the Qur’an, all the old prophets including Adam, Noah, and Abraham represented the essential monotheism called al-dîn al-hanîf (the sincere religion), which was developed under various circumstances to result in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. IMHO, this is the closest we can come to answering your OP question.

According to Jewish tradition, Adam and Noah did not have any religion per se. Rather, Adam had six commandments to keep (the Noahide commandment minus the prohibition of eating from a live animal). Noah and his family kept the same commandments, with the addition of the seventh commandment after the flood.

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Early “unformed” forms of christian?

About the clean and unclean animals vis a vis Noah - it is a Midrashic tradition that Adam himself began the practice of animal sacrifice, apparently intuiting (through his understanding of animal nature; after all, he assigned each animal its name) which animals were acceptable to G-d as sacrifices (cows, sheep, goats, pigeons/turtledoves). One assumes that this tradition was transmitted through the generations to Noah. (Bear in mind that Adam lived so long, there need only have been one other person transmitting this between him and Noah - Noah’s own father lived contemporaneously with Adam.) “Clean” and “unclean” in the pre-flood context could only have referred to sacrificial purposes, as meat was not permitted for human consumption until after the flood.

I guess you could call them Godly People.

If God talks to you personally, you don’t really need a religion.

I don’t know if this is sarcastic, but it’s exactly right. This is really the idea I believe as a Christian. Since I believe I have a personal relationship with the Lord, I don’t even really consider myself religious.

Religion to me is the method a man/woman tries to reach God. Adam and Noah(and all the godly men/women in the Bible) knew God personally.

I also suppose this is why many religions(including Islam and Judaism) would claim Adam and Noah as their own. I hope this explains things a bit.

And God does’nt need the print media to “spread the word”.