What repulses you about your partner?

Loud stinky farts? Physical characteristics?

Judgemental philosophies.

His teeth. He’s a tobacco chewer.


And it’s totally unfair of me, because I bummed soooooo many cigarettes off him when we met. I smoked the first two years we lived together. And then “we” quit, only it didn’t stick for him. And it makes me goddam angry and disgusted when he smokes, or when I hear that gurgly hacking cough and know he’s headed for an early grave because of it. I know it’s a cliched woman’s bait-and-switch, but I can’t get over it.

So I suck resentfully on my ecig and wish he’d use his…

His farts are terrible, but then he looks so apologetic that he makes me laugh. Sometimes he picks his nose, but it annoys me more than I find it repulsive. Oh yeah, if he would eat a black wine gum. YEEUUCH! Luckily, he never does that. Nope, don’t find him repulsive ever, at all.

Oh dear, now I’m wondering if I do anything repulsive. Better ask him when he gets back.

I do think love can be a good cure for feeling repulsed. I know he was terrified of vomit but managed to hold my hair back for me and help me clean up when I was very ill. And he didn’t even blink.

It’s the Chewing. Why, oh why does he chew so loudly??? I don’t even know how he does it - his mouth is closed!

I’m sure there is nothing that I do that he finds repulsive. Absolutely nothing.

Can’t think of anything. Sometimes when he’s sick he makes horking noises that gross me out, but he’s gotten a lot better about not doing that.

As we’ve aged, her lines and sagging have made her look just like her father.

He’s a fucking slob and a hoarder.

I was going to say “Nothing, she’s perfect as is”, but yeah, this.

It doesn’t repulse me, however, but it’s my biggest gripe.

I can’t really think of anything. He does some things that annoy me sometimes (and I’m sure it’s true the other way around as well) but he doesn’t do anything that repulses me.

The inability to recognize what is subjective.

Nothing. But we’ve only been together about 2 years. A few minor annoyances.

Repulsive? Nothing. The only thing that bugs me (and I’ve told her she needs to stop doing it) is that she will sometimes eat while talking on the phone. The amplification makes it irritating for anybody listening. It’s not a deal breaker; I’ve really got a winner here.

Nothing repulses me. He has a couple of habits that bug me but nothing major.

Absolutely everything about her repulses me. Every last thing. Well except for her hot body, I still lust after that. But everything else. Unless you count her sunny personality, always looking on the bright side that one. But there’s nothing else appealing about her. Well sure there’s the way she still loves me after all these years, but that’s it. I can’t stand to even be around her. Well except when we have sex and she holds on to me afterward. But that’s definitely it. I can’t stand the way she laughs when I tell stupid jokes. Wait, I can stand that, but then there’s the way she cleans up after me, it’s really annoying. Well not annoying exactly, kind of nice actually. But she’s just so clingy, always letting me know if she’ll be home late or asking if I need her to pick up anything at the store. Okay, it’s not clingy, but it’s something, maybe considerate, I don’t know. Why do you keep asking me stuff like this?

Nothing repulses me.

That he gets an attitude over the simplest question has pushed me to the edge of dumping his sorry ass… again.

Sah: how are you?
Ass: what the hell do you mean how am I? I’m at work that’s how I am
Sah: I didn’t ask where are you I asked how are you
Ass: I’m at work, how the hell do you think I am
Sah: where you working today
Ass: why do you want to know
Sah: no reason just making conversation *
Ass: why are you questioning me
Sah: it’s just a simple question not the inquisition
Ass: when a woman asks a man a question it’s an inquisition
We meet for lunch today
Sah: did they put enough onions on your sub this time
Ass: how do I know did you see me open the sandwich and check out the onions
Sah: well no but I thought you would be able to tell by the taste
Ass: Why do you ask so many questions

It used to hurt my feelings, now I just look at him and think he might be an ass but he’s my ass.
Sometimes when we disagree he will say ‘opinions are like assholes and everybody has one’.
I always pat his arm and say ‘and some of us are lucky enough to have two’.

  • depending on my mood I may answer
  1. because the hit man I hired is having a hard time finding you
  2. The Federation of Alien Invasion is looking for you because the chip they planted in your brain has malfunctioned.

Loud, nonstop compulsive talking. And then repeating himself. Multiple times.

Not really repulsive but extremely annoying, especially when I’m exhausted:

His habit of putting his hand out, palm up, on every surface I sit on so I’ll sit on his hand and he can grab my ass. He does this in bed, on the couch, on chairs - if I’m sitting down, my spot will probably have his hand there unless the kids are around.

And the thing is, it’s not like he doesn’t grab my ass and my boobs when I’m standing up, too (again, as long as the kids aren’t around). So I’m not sure why me sitting on his hand is so alluring.

She doesn’t exist.