What restaurant is this in the Pike Place Market?

Hey Seattle dopers,

When I was a little kid, my parents took me along with some of their friends to a very nice British restaurant/pub in Pike Place Market. I remember that it had outside seating. We ordered shepherd’s pie there. I’m sure it is rather pricey. The atmosphere was great.

It might not have been in the market proper, but it was definitely very close if it was not in the market itself.


Gotta be. It’s the only “pub” in the Market.

Concur. Kells is in Post Alley, about a block northwest of Pike Place Market proper (just across Stewart street). There’s a little patio seating area that is in the alley from which you can see the Sound and (if you crank your neck just right) the aquarium over the rooftops. Nice little place, although I was disappointed that the didn’t have Beamish on draught.