What 's something you would do if you could make yourself invisible?

I am still thinking about the possibilities. But please tell me something* you *might do if you could become invisible.

Ohhhh… no no no… I swear I would not peek on naked women in isolated compromising postitions!

…May I have my invisibility now aha?? holds hands out

I’d be unseen at lots of public events.

The first to spring to mind being Cirque Du Soleil, which is in Denver and nearly impossible to get tickets to. I’d be the invisible naked chick on the edge of the stage.

I think I’d be sneaking around museums, restaurants, clubs, and men’s locker rooms.

Occasionally make a vase move across the room just to scare the pants off someone.

I’d go sneaking into concerts and stuff like that… I’d also wander around naked since its hot here now and then I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone staring at me… or getting arrested for indecent exposure. Maybe I’d go eat food at the grocery stores and the buffet restauraunts… ohh so much stuff I could do and save myself tons of money…

I’d… uh… watch TV and scratch my balls.

Sticking only to non-perverted ideas…

I’d find out what my “friends” really think of me.
I’d win myself the Nobel Prize by figuring out how to make other things invisible, after patenting the process, of course, so I’d be rich forever.

Would my clothes be invisible too, or would I have to be butt naked?

I’d fall down a flight of stairs because I couldn’t see my feet.

Do you normally have to look at your feet when using stairs?

I’d get up to plenty of mischief! Haunt people, by going into their houses and moving stuff around so they think there are poltergeists at work! That would be a good giggle! Then I’d get into all the great theme parks for free and jump the queues.

Also, find famous people and see what they really do when they’re behind closed doors, sneak a peek at Brad Pitts butt, maybe take a souveneir or two from their houses.

I would try and do some good, helpful stuff too, but I can’t really think what - only mischief is coming to mind at the moment!


Oh yeah - I’d go to my ex boyfriends house and plant cress seed in his carpet too! Give it a quick sprinkle of water and pop back a week later to see if he likes his new indoor veggie patch! Tee hee!

I’d go NAKED everywhere I went. Since nobody could see me, nobody could point and laugh. :D:D

I would enjoy the perks of free Chili, corn chips and bean dip. I would then gladly be there for all the high-level board meetings and national televised live events embaressing whomever with my noxious fumes and loud flatuance.
Plus haunting every museum I could.


I’d enter the lucrative industry of assassination and black ops …

wait … what do I mean enter?

who are you?
why are you all looking at me?

First, if I were in a really grumpy mood, I would disconnect [and possibly mutilate beyond recognition] computers used by really obnoxious posters that make me sigh and slowly shake my head when I see that they have posted something inane and ridiculous again. hummm, I just left the BBQ pit to come here and perhaps there some hangover emotions are still with me.

Second, if I were in a magnanimous mode, I’d jump into my car and drive to the beach - that in itself should be a funny or at least be thought-provoking for my fellow drivers. I would go skinny dipping in the ocean; there’s not a nude beach nearby.

Later in the day I would save the world, but I haven’t decided how to do that yet. I need my morning coffee. By the way, would consumed food/drink be seen in an invisible person?

Definately be naked. I would whisper into people’s ears and tell them to do things. I would sneak around to places that are hard to get into and stuff. But I think that I would get pretty lonely, so I would want a mischief companion.

I would go into people’s houses and when they’ve got their head turned, I would move things just enough that slowly they’d think that they were going crazy. I’d change the channel on their tv when they went to the bathroom, and move bookmarks in their books. Of course, I’d hide single socks, shoes and keys since someone does that to me all the time.

Oh, and I’d steal from the rich to give to the poor. Us invisible people should use our powers for good, not evil. Well, petty evil is okay.

I’d be searching out every women’s locker room and checking out the occupants.

Maybe goose one of the gals and see if I could get a couple of them to fighting.

Reminds be of a joke.

One day Superman is flying around and he sees Wonder Woman sunning herself in the nude. He decides to swoop down and give her a quickie. He does so and flys away.

Wonder Woman then says to the Invisible man, “What the hell was that?” He says to her, “I don’t know but my ass sure hurts.”

Nika I will be your invisible, naked mischief companion. It sure would be fun feeling around to find where to put Viper Jr. :wink:



Speaking as someone who has not seen her feet while walking since puberty, it is easier to get used to than you would think.

I think I would go to a nice little chuch and perform a miracle. And then repeat for cameras later.