What’s the deal with state flags?

And wearing a cheesehead…

As long as it’s done tastefully.

Just yesterday, the Frazz comic strip was about the Michigan state flag:

Easy to describe, and not much more difficult to draw.

Nice bend sinister you have there… :smiley:

Well, we’re a bunch of bastards…

It has medieval roots. Which is why when I once encountered a Trivial Pursuit card asking about the “state sport of Maryland,” I gave a hint to the other players, “The flag is a clue.” They still didn’t get it. (the answer is: jousting)

I guess I’m the only one who actually does not like the Maryland flag at all. The unusual pattern of the yellow and black checks gives me a bit of a headache to look at. Plus it screams “caution” to me. I’ve only ever understood those who claimed it was “So bad it’s good”, but not anyone who says they find it actually appealing.

As for the “easy to draw” aspects: I don’t think they mean it has to be perfect, just that said drawing contains all the symbols and is recognizable. No one cares if you get the exact proportions right.

The US flag is tedious to draw, yes, but not difficult. I would not fault anyone for using a light grey pentagram to draw the stars. It’s still clear what it is.

The bedsheet flags are hard to draw, hard to remember, and hard to recognize. Even if you don’t count the first one, the second and third are very important to the actual uses of a flag.

Maryland’s, as much as I don’t like it, is at least recognizable. I may not be able to remember exactly what the yellow and black parts look like, but I can at least remember it’s the one that looks like it’s half racecar flag.

That’s nice. I thought that was a gold-centered black quatrefoil not a cross, by the thumbnail. I think I prefer it as a flower.

But it’s not a flower! It’s a very manly, non-floral State Capitol. Huge solid masses of marble and heavy granite blocks!

Yeah, it’s actually a fairly accurate abstraction of the Capitol building, the isthmus and the lakes: