Remarkably ugly flags

God save the Queen, because her personal flag when she’s in Australia is remarkably ugly:’s_Personal_Australian_Flag

What’s your nomination?

Gosh. That’s very… busy, isn’t it?

I find the Japanese Naval Ensign to be rather unpleasant.

Sacramento, California


I can sympathize with the emotions behind displaying the POW/MIA flag, but it is not an asset to the scenery:

Most state flags (scroll down) especially:

  1. All the “blue field with a logo or seal” flags:

New Hampshire
New York
Oregon - except this one’s cool because it has a beaver on the back
South Carolina - not so bad
South Dakota

  1. Dishonorable Mention


Bearflag 70 that site has the wrong flag for the state of Georgia. An understandable mistake since in the past seven years there have been three different flags. Right now this is Georgia’s flag du jour. It shall remain until the General [del]zoo[/del] Assembly gets another wild hair to mess around with it.

City Flags are often not that attractive.

Mesa AZ - is it a business card or a flag?

The Maryland state flag, flag of my home state, is in my opinion very unpleasant. Way too busy and overstimulating. My dad has become an artist in his dotage and does paintings based on life in the Maryland Chesapeake region, where images of our state flag often figure prominently. He vehemently disagrees with me, as he loves the intricacies and colors. Yuck, I say. Observe:

This is Maine’s flag. Fairly boring, except the thing in the middle that looks like an injured dog? That’s supposed to be a moose.

The Maryland state flag is striking and beautiful. And it looks great when used in any heraldic manner.


I didn’t find the national flags mentioned upthread too bad. The American city flags, though, embarrassed the hell out of me.

Sacramento… what the fuck is going on there?

Fort Worth’s flag deserves to be burned. Daily.

Hey man, bite your tongue. :mad:

How can you dis the Maryland flag?!? What about the Calverts, and the Cecils…and the…the Cecil Calvert…and the emblem of the house of…whatever. Where’s your state spirit?

:wink: (but I really do like the flag)

Hypno-Toad and OneCentStamp, sorry, guys. I know to some the Maryland flag is all good, especially if you’re into the heraldic thing, but to me it just looks like an ADHD attack on a pillowcase. State spirit I reckon I’m lacking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cheap domestic whiskey, once upon a time.

And the flag looks like bad 1960s op art, or mediocre 1970s vinyl wallpaper.

It makes me want to scramble for the nearest deck gun.

It’s a depiction of the Sacrametno River, best i can tell.

Dear Creaky,

This is to inform you have I have written to the governor to initiate proceedings to revoke your citizenship of the Free State of Maryland for your slanderous and potentially treasonous statements about the most attractive state flag in the U.S. If you are willing to recant and submit to a six-month rehabilitation program, you may be able to avoid immediate (and not very gentle) ejection from the state.

In the meantime, I’m nominating your father for a special award and sending him a note sympathizing with him about the unfortunate views of his wayward child. I suppose there’s one in every family.



And Beware of Doug: Beware of Me! I’m watching you!
But seriously folks, the Maryland flag is the only heraldically-based state flag. I think it’s the most distinctive and attractive of all of them. More than you ever wanted to know about Maryland’s flag.

(Note where it says “The Maryland flag has been described as the perfect state flag.”)

I have to second bearflag70: I hate all those damn “state seal on a blue field” flags. Stupid and unimaginative. In fact, now that I look at them all, the only really decent state flags (after Maryland, of course) are:

New Mexico (a very close second in beauty to Maryland)
Ohio (the only non-rectangular flag)
South Carolina
Puerto Rico

The rest are crap, especially the ones with the state’s name in big ugly block letters (I’m looking at you AR, CA, IA, KS, MT, OK, OR, and WI.)

New Mexico’s current flag is really, really good. Its original flag, on the other hand, was very, very bad.

Some of those city flags were just ridiculous. Many looked like bad 3-color letterhead from the 70’s.

But the Sacramento Flag… It’s in a class by itself.

We have a winner, I think.