What’s the difference between a Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack?

I’m doing a little on-line shopping for some Tommy Bahama shirts at the Nordstrom website. Fair enough. Now I’d like to go to a store and perhaps try on some of these lovely shirts, and maybe even buy a few. I go to the store locator, and I discover that there is a Nordstrom store about 15 miles away from me, and a Nordstrom Rack store about 15 miles away as well. These 2 stores aren’t really close to each other so I would prefer to pick one. So…Which one should I pick? What’s the difference? Is the Rack better? Is it smaller? Am I more or less likely to get what I’m looking for from one or the other? Any Nordstrom shoppers out there willing to help fight my Nordstrom ignorance?

Nordstrom Rack is the outlet store for Nordstrom…On the plus side the prices are lower, on the down side they carry only selected lines.

Hmmm…very interesting. Thanks. I think I’ll cross my fingers & try the Rack first.

Be prepared to not find what you are looking for. It really is a much smaller subset of the normal product line and older seasons.

If you know what you want why not call them first? If the Rack doesn’t carry that item they should be able to tell you that. Save yourslef some time.

I’m not really sure about what I want. I’d like to try some things on & see how they look and all.

RaftPeople, the Rack store out here is an anchor to a pretty big mall. I’ve never been inside, but it looks like a pretty huge store. That being said, I’ll probably change my mind a few times before MrsPolley makes my mind up for me.