What is the best online store to buy mens clothes?

Brand names are good… polo… etc… and by best… I mean cheapest and most reliable! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, though I shop for almost everything online, the one thing I don’t is clothes. It is just too hard to tell the fit, quality, color, size, etc from a picture. I think it would be pretty easy to get burned.

Other than that, I think your best bet is sticking to the major chains. You’re assured that there is at least a minimal quality, no fake brands, and a better return policy, and prices stay somewhat reasonable.

Maybe it would help if you explained what kind of clothes you are looking for? Dress? Casual?

casual- good but nicer… not tshirts etc… ralph lauren etc

Amazon has clothing, and I have generally had a good experience buying everything else from them. Still, they outsourced their call center overseas, and the new hotness is to boycott companies that do that…

Well unless I am tragically mistaken this is great debates so…


Assuming you were referring to the India bit:

…access to privately held Daksh’s 6,000-strong work employees, who mainly offer call-center services to 13 clients including Internet retailer Amazon.com.

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I just bought some clothes from Old Navy via Amazon. I got polo shirts at $10 a pop and jeans at around $25. Pretty nice clothes and decently priced. Just make sure you buy everything from the same “store” (Amazon links to several different places), or you’ll get nailed on the shipping charges.

Two months ago I purchased several oxford dress shirts at Lands End. I ended up returning about a third of the stuff because the color was off, but overall I have been pleased with the quality, fit, and color. Though they are not cheap, value for the quality of the shirts is fine and the whole thing was very convenient. Returns were easy too. I think Lands End has some kind of virtual model that can be configured to your measurements, but I haven’t played with it.

I only purchase shirts via online or catalog. Pants and sports jackets are too tailorable for the hassle involved, so I go retail.

Rivers is strictly Aussie I think but they have lots of good stuff and if they sell it online it’s cheaper than in the shops. The prices are all Aussie dollars - roughly 70 cents US.

I’ve always had excellent luck with Lands End. Don’t know how they are doing quality-wise since Sears bought them, though.

Try bluefly.com or yoox. com. Great stuff!

Bluefly.com also gets my vote (example: Calvin Klein polo shirt retails for $188.00 selling at bluefly.com for $49.95 (73% savings); the “Clearance” section has even better deals. The Men’s section offers higher-end labels from A(rmani) to Z(egna) and the merchandise almost always includes not just a larger detailed image, but also a 9 grid “zoom” view of that image to go even closer (in my above example, one can clearly read not just the tag on the shirts neck, but also the “Made In the USA” mini-tag attached to it).

They also have an unbeatable return policy. Don’t like the merchandise you ordered? Just tape the box back up, stick the pre-paid return label that was included and send it back for a full refund credited to future purchases or full refund minus return shipping costs credited back to your credit card.

I have had a great deal of success with Nordstrom’s online, specifically their “sale” section. They merged their Nordstrom’s Rack online store into the main Nordstrom’s site awhile ago and now all the Rack merchandise is under the sale section.

Great selection, fantastic prices and very quick delivery. In addition, any returns can be taken to your local Nordstrom (if you have one) for credit or exchange. Of course you also have the legendary Nordstrom customer service - best in the business.


BlueFly, baby. They’ve won me over.

Well. I don’t like bluefly, because the service here is not good. I used ordered clothings on bluefly but I really disappointed with the bad service here. I didn’t receive the things on time I ordered. Then I have ordered on www.fsession.com, and I feel their service is very good, the quality of products are like the informations they posted with the good price. Why you don’t try with www.fsession.com/