What´s the most (physically) painful expirience you´ve ever had?

This one time in college, I behaved like an idiot an mixed quite a bit of drugs.

I took two X pills, drank 3 whiskies and then smoked weed.

After I finished smoking, my heart started racing. It was easily going 150 bpm´s, maybe more. It felt like someone was hitting my heart with a bat each time it beat.

This lasted about** 3 and a half hours **before my heart slowed down, it was so agonizing and painful that I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Not to mention the feeling of “OMG I´m gonna die!”.


Lesson learned to say the least.

What has been you most painful expirience?

Plane crash. Multiple contusions, lacerations, deep penetrating wounds. Fractured humerus.

But: The most exquisitely painful injury was the hole I bit thru the center of my tongue. Far more painful than everything else combined.

Far worse than subsequent pains like heart attack, migraine.

I was hit on my bicycle a little over 4 years ago. Broke the femur, tore away part of the hamstring and severed the sciatic nerve. I was put into an induced coma for 2 1/2 weeks. When I was brought out of it, I was on a morphine pump, demerol, hydrocodone and on a few occasions fentanyl during most of the 2 month stay. Fun times.

All natural childbirth, times 4. Unbelievable.

You’d think I’d have learned after the first time or two, but I always forgot until labor began and then I suddenly remembered how excruciating it is, but by then it was too late.

After a botched stomach surgery in '03 my stomach perforated in '05. I screamed and cried and beg God to take me home. Had there been a switch that would turn off the pain, but from which I wouldn’t wake up, I would have flipped it in a heart beat.

Kidney stones.

I woke up out of bed vomiting (I didn’t know at the time that vomiting could be a reaction to pain). By the time I got to the hospital I couldn’t think straight. I was incoherent - when the nurse asked me something about forms I threw my wallet at her and growled something while kicking her filing cabinet, trying to focus what was left of my head… an awful night.

During my childhood, my parents relied on strappings with a belt to implement discipline. One morning they each beat me, separately.

In order:

  • colposcopy (where they scrape the outside and inside of your cervix to check for cancerous cells)
  • migraines/sinus headaches
  • throwing out my back
  • falling off my bike, breaking my elbow, spraining my wrist, bumping my knee, and spraining my ankle.

Funny how that pain stuff works.

Five hour long gall bladder attack.

Sinus infections, the worst being when they occur on an airplane. I convinced myself that my head was quite probably going to explode, and it didn’t take too long before I was actually looking forward to it.

My Morgan gelding, Mickey, kicked me in the gut one evening several years ago. It was both our faults as he was kicking at a fly and I was a lot closer than I thought I was. I ended up in the ER with luckily no internal injuries, but two bruises in the exact shape and size of his back hooves, complete with horseshoe nails. If I could have breathed after the kick, he would have gotten an ass whooping, but as it was, he got this look on his face that said :eek: and :smack: and kinda sidled off.

And yesh, it hurt like a mofo.

The tie is the car accident a few years back that scrunched the hell out of my left knee. That kind of pain you DO NOT forget.

Endless ear infections have been bad. A raw and rubbed nerve after having my wisdom teeth taken out was worse…

A vasectomy in which the anaesthetic couldn’t be properly applied on one side and I told him to go ahead anyway figuring that half of one wouldn’t be doing me much good. Man, that was harsh.

Getting stung by a bee. Seriously.

I’ve had my share of pain in my life: sprained ankle, beaten with a bat, wedged against a rock as a raft went over my head, multiple near drownings… the list goes on. But the kicker, IMHO, was getting stung by a bee.

I was about 23, swimming in a swimming pool on a nice summer’s day. The little bugger got me on the elbow. I remember frantically slapping at the water trying to get revenge on the little bastard before the urgent need to get out of the pool and… I dunno what, amputate my arm perhaps? The pain was excruciating and immediate, and all other thoughts in my head were evacuated as the only thing on which I could concentrate was how FUCKING BAD MY ELBOW HURT. It was like somebody had stabbed me with a sword. Scratch that; I’ve been stabbed with a sword, and it didn’t hurt nearly as bad.

The funny thing, I’m not even allergic.

Scratched cornea;3 different times.

This. There was nothing to do but just sort or “ride” the waves of pain. The only time in my adult life that I can recall actually moaning in agony.

I thought my teeth were going to crack, I had tears running down my face from the pain, and once we finally landed I couldn’t hear properly for hours. I always told everyone it was the worst pain I hope I will ever experience and people always said “oh, no, childbirth will be worse”. Well, I’ve had a child now. It wasn’t.

I’ve given birth both ways and had thyroid surgery, but nothing comes close to the pain I felt after I stepped on a stingray in the surf on Hilton Head while playing toss football. I came down on the stinger and then twisted my foot to reach for the ball.


But the initial puncture wasn’t anything compared to the pain that followed. I could track the toxin as it traveled up my leg. My leg shook so uncontrollably I couldn’t look at the bottom of my foot to try and figure out what I’d stepped on. The pain was so severe I was ready to head to the emergency room, until the very helpful lifeguard came by and assured me that I wasn’t going to die.

Anywho, the only thing that helped was sticking my foot in a panful of near boiling water, at the recommendation of said lifeguard.

Kidney Stones.

I had 4 in the past 2 years. Each one hurt with the pain of a thousand hot pokers each sticking themselves into my back.

Unlike others here, I can think of 2 people I would wish this pain upon.

My mother says her kidney stones were 10 times worse than either of her childbirths (and having me was like 8 hours of puking and screaming).

I got stung by a jellyfish this summer. Felt like my skin was being scalded off. It was so bad I swam for shore and made my bf-at-the-time hold a towel over me so I could strip out of that swimsuit.

Getting busted in the nose made me momentarily black out. The next thing I knew, blood was streaming down my face and someone was screaming bloody murder. Then I realized that someone was me.

Being stung on the nipple by a White-faced Hornet while asleep was certainly a contender.

I’ve been worse hurt many times, but that one stands out in terms of sudden pain.