What’s the name for this kind of delayed stage entrance?

Sometimes in comedy, there’s entrance music played, yet no one enters the stage. Then the entrance music is played again, still no entrance. Finally, the music plays again, and the actor makes his entrance, usually with stage fright or some kind of funny costume, etc., explaining the delay. I’m sure it goes back to Vaudeville, if not much earlier. Is there a name for this?

Sorry, I don’t know if there’s a name for it.

However, when we saw Avner The Eccentric, the curtains were already open on a sparse set, and an old guy with a broom came out with an alarm clock and a sign, "Show will start in 45 minutes. The old guy was Avner himself, and he commenced a masterpiece of physical comedy of himself, the broom, a stepladder, a dustpan, his hat, and a couple of chairs.