What’s This Facebook Bimbo’s Game?

Usually I can figure out the angle on these things, but this one has me stumped. This woman (at least I assume it’s actually a woman) sent me this message on Facebook about an hour ago:

Hi and Chanelle Lanette How u doing Today and Hope all is Good with u Today and am and am from Alabama and USA if u dont Know there…and am single Lady for some while and i have a Kid and is a Girl and she is 6 Year Old Her Name is Patience…and am Looking for a Man that will be Nice and Caring, Loving and Good too me and My Kid Patience, and a Man that will Not Lie too me Online and Not Cheat On me with any woman…Me will Like too Hear from u Soon u Saw This Message On Face Book, Okay and i Like Ur Pic that why i Mail u On face Book…and Pls Hope too send me message Back here In FACE BOOK, Hear from u Soon Smile …Thanks For Reading The Text Smile

What’s she up to? Spammers and scammers always just have blank profiles—no, pic, no wall, no info—nothing. Their profile pic is the generic black and gray silhouette. But this one actually seems to have corralled a few friends. Note that she has 27 friends, and that all but one of them are men. Moreover, every single one of them looks a guy who couldn’t get laid in a woman’s prison with a handful of pardons. On top of that, what’s up with the incredibly strange grammar and syntax? That’s not Nigerian scammer jibber-jabber, and it’s certainly not uneducated Alabama English either. I’m half tempted to go all 419 Eater on her and see if I can play it up for a few yucks.

What makes you think it’s not genuine?

Er…genuine in what way? If you mean that she found me attractive and acted upon it, yes, I suppose that’s possible. But take a hard look at it: brand new profile, all male friends, and very strange non-English syntax. There’s just something off here.

Also, zabasearch doesn’t return results for anybody by that name in Alabama.

I think she’s just a typical dumb person who doesn’t know how to write and type. Her pictures are all extremely small too, indicating a very low level of technical knowledge and aesthetics. But she’s a good looking woman and I think you should go for it. Wear a rubber.

I’ll have to run that by my wife first, but that sounds like it could be a plan. I just knew the Dope would come up with a viable way for me to shake off the holiday blues.

But seriously—it’s just so weird. It’s almost as if it’s a caricature of the “mee soo horny, love you looong time” Asian prostitute trope.

I can guarantee you, she does not exist. You’ll be encouraged to visit “her” site to see her nude pictures and get your credit card scammed and/or viruses.

There are probably dozens of new girls on Facebook, all using the same pictures.

Physician, heal thyself…

Oh d’oh! :smack: Yeah, I’ve gotten a bunch of those on myspace. This one is just a little bit more elaborate than most. “Chanelle” is some fat 38-year-old guy in Bangkok. I’m gonna send her a friend request and a crush note and see what she says. I knew I could find something fun to do on Thanksgiving other than clean the bathroom and mow the lawn. :slight_smile:

Look, you can’t bother her with every little detail of your life, you know. She’ll understand.

Of course it is a scam. The internet should have conditioned you by now to reject all unsolicited advances from unknown beautiful women. It has, alas, made us all into realists.

I get messages and friend requests just like that several times a month. New account, scantily clad pic, all-male friends.

Awkwardly, I also got a friend request from the daughter of a co-worker that was just like that. Oops?

I’ve seen plenty like this. It wouldn’t take any scammer long to figure out that the blank profile with no pics won’t work.

When I’ve gotten them, I’ve generally just not taken any action on the friend request: neither accept or deny. And eventually the profile disappears, presumably after they have been reported… or maybe after they’ve accomplished enough of whatever it is they’re trying to do that they move on to a new profile and start over again.

Palooka’s Guide to Identifying Fake Social Network Girls:

  1. Copy the URL of her picture.
  2. Go to www.tineye.com
  3. Paste the URL of her picture and search.
  4. Discover what amateur porn site the picture is from.
  5. OGC

I haven’t been 38 for a long time. :frowning:

I was only 38 for a year myself.

a few years ago when I used a hotmail address, I got spam from a Russian email address with some of the same photos on that profile. They used the name “Asya Kozhurenko” It was the usual “I have a visa to come to your city and study, and I am looking for friends in the city before I arrive.” I played along, and within a few days the story was “I am still $700.00 short for my air ticket. Can you please help me out? I look forward to being your girlfriend when I arrive”. I’m sure that set of photos is used by lots of scammers in several asian countries.

Yes, definitely this.

I hope you do a 419 Eater on her. It sounds like it could be lots of fun. Please post if you do!

I’m almost certian she is a “webcam entertainer”. She will talk a short while, then ask if you want to go on cam, which is on some webcam site. I’m not sure what happens if you do that, whether she actually will give a cam show (for money), or if it is a scam.

That looks and smells a lot like a 419 Eater style love-scam. Expect pictures. Incidentally, the Economist had an article last week on how scammers are focusing most of their attention at social network sites. For some reason, people trust strangers a little more in that context.

For those of you who are still curious, the lovely “Chanelle” turned out to be an apparently sincere, if not somewhat eccentric denizen of the social network arena. I think I was successful in shooing her away. We just had the following conversation, and I don’t think she’s coming back for more:

Hi Eric and How u doing

Oh hi - pretty good.

And what Have u been doing that u dont Respond Fast

I’m on about 3 other web pages and I’m watching a movie at the same time. And having another conversation.

Oh i see
and where u from ?

Simi Valley, CA - home of the Rodney King trials.

Oh i see and is that in usa?

Yes, California is in the United States.

Okay and am from AL In Tuskegee
And How Old are u?

I just turned 39! [Total bullshit—I’m 49]

Okay and am 33 Year Old Now
and let me know How Long u been single ?
and have u get Married before?

I am not single. I am married. It says so right in my profile. My wife’s name is Denni.

Really and am sorry i have too find another person right

Good luck with that.

Hm But will Can still be Frined Right

Of course. I just naturally assumed that’s why you IM’ed me in the first place. My baby doll is my one and only, and she always will be. Sorry, but there’s no room for two.

Yes i Know Huh
And Let me How Long u Been Married?

Three’s a crowd, as the saying goes.

what u mean

6 years this October.

Oh That Great and Let me Know u have KidS?

Just repeating what I said before about monogamy – just phrasing it differently.
Nope, no kids.

why what Happen Huh

We haven’t been able.
We will adopt, though.

Oh That Not That Good

Why? Lots of kids need homes.

Yes i Know That But It will be good to Have Ur Own Kid
u there

Yes, it would be nice, but I guess it can’t happen. I just have to accept that. I know my wife is disappointed too, but I think she’ll get over it.

Okay Fine
And Let me Know what u do for work?

I am a pharmacy technician. [More bullshit. I’m an unemployed pharmacy tech. I pay the bills doing restaurant work.]

oh i see
Let Me Know what u want From Me Huh

Want? nothing really. You IM’ed me. I just responded out of curiosity.

Okay and am single Lady with a Daughter Okay and Let me Know Ur Mind what u want From Me As a Woman Huh
u There Respond
Talk too me

Considering the fact that you live over 1000 miles from me there’s very little I could expect to obtain from you. Like I said, I responded out of curiosity.

ok and u dont really like me

I never said that. Why would I not like you? That’s a very strange thing to say.
By the way, how did you find me on Facebook? We don’t have any mutual friends.

Okay and Forget i will Go Look for single Guy

Like I said, good luck with that.

Okay Fine and Bye

Bye. But feel free to drop by any time.

nope i will not do that

OK. Sorry to disappoint you. You never mentioned how you found my profile.

So, mystery solved. Sexually frustrated white trash from Alabama looking for a hookup and probably some cash. She’ll probably defriend me tomorrow. :smiley: