What’s up with gender reveal parties and fires?

I saw that story, it’s sad because it’s all so stupid. Now a kid won’t have a dad.

I saw an article in the New York Times about the explosion in Liberty, New York that killed the father-to-be and injured the uncle-to-be, and yes, it’s incredibly sad and stupid. The Times article included this detail about how the older brother of the father-to-be found out.

Mr. Pekny said he got a call from family members on Sunday — the day of the party — while he was in Florida, N.Y., about 45 miles away. He thought at first that the call was a ruse to get him to the party early, but when he learned the news, he raced to Liberty on Route 17, at times faster than 100 miles per hour.

He said he blew by a state trooper, who pulled him over and started yelling at him. Mr. Pekny said he explained why he was speeding, and after the trooper went to his patrol car and checked on the radio to verify his story, he returned to Mr. Pekny’s pickup truck.

He said the trooper told him, “You gotta go,” and did not ticket him. “The color completely ran out of his face,” Mr. Pekny said of the trooper. “He looked like he saw two ghosts.”

But the trooper should have told him to slow down, or his family might have to attend two funerals.

I don’t care how “mechanically inclined” someone is. It’s shockingly easy to accidentally build a pipe bomb when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, which all of these morons have conveniently demonstrated.

Either figure out how to make it work with a spring, or just get the fucking balloons and be happy with that.

I find speeding makes the dead come back to life. YMMV.

What should the mom, or anyone, tell the kid about how dad died? I can’t really imagine that conversation.

This could be a category of Darwin awards but unfortunately by definition these people have already successfully passed on their genes before their stupidity killed them.

There was a fairly popular cartoon, one of the Teen Titan cartoons, on Cartoon Network that was cancelled. The alleged reason being that the cartoon was popular amongst girls and they couldn’t figure out how to translate that into toy sales. On the flip side, a surprising number of girls were fans of the Masters of the Universe (He-Man) cartoon and Mattel developed a She-Ra series in order to sell toys to those fans. I don’t know if extreme gendering makes people spend money so much as it makes it easier to figure out who to market your product to.

The Darwin Award can be “won” even if you have replicated.

I may be unduly jaundiced, but I have long been under the impression that products aimed at female customers are priced higher, and that a fair proportion of customers of both genders tend to think that higher-priced products are ipso facto better quality/value (and it’s a rare person who wants to look like a cheapskate when there’s an addition to the family)

I don’t want to mock the dead but this is just an example of 'Merica’s social media/"Keeping up with the Kardashian/“Hey, look at me” culture run amok.

I get that people are excited about being a daddy and mommy - great. But do you really have to blow shit up?

Also, a lot of girls’ stuff is priced way higher, for no real reason.

… what PatrickLondon said.

In case anyone’s interested, here is a video history of gender reveal disasters. I didn’t realize how many there were, and how much damage had been done.

Yet another gender reveal disaster: A plane released a pink cloud for the reveal and then promptly crashed.

So if the woman is carrying twins, do they use two bombs, or one bomb and one candle-lit balloon, or something else? Lots of interesting possibilities here.

You know the type of people who’d have a gender reveal party? ALL of my extended family (except me and my wife).

And I finally, after seeing this thread so many times, figured out why the whole concept makes me uneasy. It’s because it’s another display of "The World Revolves Around MEEEE… (and my darling family, and even my unborn baby)!"

You’ve probably met my sisters and their ilk. They overshare everything on every social media platform, they start every conversation with “You’ve just GOT to hear what I’m planning…”, and any relationship is not only perfect, but needs to be held up in public to adoring fans as WONNNNNDERFUL!

And if a daughter-in-law has been blessed with the continuation of the perfect family, well, then every detail of that is also fair game for oversharing, even things like gender. Why NOT have a party? And a shower? And can we have another party when the baby first kicks? Ooh, maybe soccer-themed…

(Damn, this place is cheap therapy. Thanks, all…)

I thought this might be of interest in this thread:

So the couple whose gender reveal party was the cause of a Southern California wildfire is being charged with involuntary manslaughter because a firefighter was killed in the fire. There are other charges connected with them starting the fire, but this is apparently the most serious.

I can hear them now: “But we didn’t know this would happen! It’s not our fault! It’s the fault of the lack of rain and our friends said it would be fun and we were just going along with the idea and you can’t hold us responsible because some firefighter was so careless as to get killed shouldn’t he have known better and anyway, it’s not our fault!”

They pleaded not guilty.

Good! Those assholes are the ones that put me under evacuation warnings for a few days and made any number of my friends have to leave their homes, as well as killing a firefighter. I hope they rot.

Wait 'til the kid is old enough to understand this.

Little Blaze? How old is he now?